Sunday, August 16, 2015

Extra iPad Courses community center Forecourt – Delft Post (press release) (blog)

Due to the large number of registrations start community center the Courtyard at the Herman Gorterhof 165 Delftet extra iPad courses.

In addition to the course GETTING TO KNOW THE IPAD on Thursdays you can now also specify to The courses on Fridays 11 and 19 September and 2 October 9 from 13 to track up to 16 hours.

The tablet is a whole new way of computing emerged, without clutter, keyboard or monitor where a work room or corner from the living room to be decorated. The tablet is so small and light as a small book and can be operated on the screen with your fingertips. This practically requires no particular skill. The establishment of the tablet is simple and fast. This makes the tablet is the ideal device for seniors.

Meet the iPad
Who is somewhat wary of new technological developments and the step into the digital world has not yet made, there is the course ‘GETTING TO KNOW THE IPAD “. You can also join people who are already quite at home with the computer, to think of replacing their old slow machine but you reluctant to start a completely different system. For those who have no iPad has made available a number of free devices during classes. The course is taught on Fridays 11 and September 18 from 13 to 16 hours and costs 58 euros. Registrations 0645482948 or

Using the iPad
for whom the course Meet the iPad’s interest is aroused, there is the follow course ‘USING THE IPAD “. To follow this course take people follow their own iPad. This course teaches you to apply different tricks of the iPad as take pictures and videos, settings, calendar, map, camera, notes, facetime, apps and more. The course takes place on 2 and 9 October from 13 to 16 hours and costs 58 euros. Registrations phone 0645482948 or


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