Thursday, August 20, 2015

“IPad Pro gets 12.9-inch screen, Sharp – iculture

 iPad Pro Martin Hajek 3 The 12.9-inch screen of the iPad Pro will be made by Sharp. This claim sources within the industry versus Digitimes . This will be cooperation with manufacturer Foxconn, which will mainly produce touch modules for the screen. Foxconn also helps with laminating and assembly of the screen

is expected that Sharp will not only work on the screen. Apple often makes arrangements with multiple production batches, in order to prevent possible complications. Sharp has production problems? Then Apple could still fall back on another manufacturer is enabled.

According to the sources is the production of the iPad Pro start in the third quarter of 2015, after which the mass production starts in the fourth quarter. That is consistent with what we’ve heard before: on 19 August was even claimed that the massaproductie starts in October, or the fourth quarter this year

‘Apple start mass production iPad Pro Force Touch stylus around October

20-8 · The iPad Pro goes according to Ming-Chi Kuo late September or early October in mass production. What else do we know about these larger iPad?


While it new rumor little new information brings to light are a lot of facts from earlier rumors even more confirmed. Thus, the sources speak of a 12.9-inch screen – the same size that was mentioned in other early rumors

The reports suggest that the iPad Pro more realistic form begins to take:. Are now production lots listed that will work on the iPad Pro, suggesting that Apple manufacturers approached. This also means that specifications for, for example, the screen size is likely to be finalized. It will therefore not take very long until the first photos of iPad Pro parts leak out, which will give an idea of ​​the final design


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