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iPhone or iPad to reset (used) sales – iCreate Magazine

Are you going to sell or give away your iPhone or iPad? Then it is important to reset your device in the right way, so that all your personal data is erased and the new owner can use all the features. In this workshop, we explain how to do it best.

 iPhone 5 unbox

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1. Backup

iCloud Backup First of all you should make a backup of your iPhone or iPad so you can restore it to your new device. This of course does not when you have already migrated all data. The easiest way to backup via iCloud: Tap Settings & gt; iCloud & gt; Backup. Tap Back Up Now. “

An alternative is to store to connect your iOS device to iTunes and back up to your Mac or PC.

2. Logout iCloud

Logout iCloud Open the menu ‘Settings & gt; iCloud “and tap” Sign Out “. Enter the password. Displays all iCloud data from your device cleared. So make sure that when you are still logged in, you have no data from iCloud (contacts, calendars, reminders, documents, photos, music) removes, for that remove them from iCloud instead of just your device.

3. Delete and restore

 iPhone erase recover Then go to Settings & gt; General & gt; Reset and tap” Erase All Content and Settings ‘. If your “Find My iPhone enabled, you must log in with your Apple ID. Your iPhone or iPad will be cleared and restarts – Enables the device is ready for the new owner

If you have the device no longer in your possession, you can continue with the owner above steps.. If it fails, then you can log on iCloud.com and (if On) deleted using the tool “Find My iPhone” iPhone and then remove it from your account.

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