Sunday, August 16, 2015

Beats Apple iPad Air update on this year? – Apparata

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iPad close up
According to the latest rumoeren in the corridors this year we do not expect the iPad Air 3. Apple would instead want to focus more on the mini and a new iPad model.

To distribute the focus on the tablets right is not strange if Apple would make this choice, although Apple since the launch of the iPad each year presents a new 9.7-inch variant. According to Digitimes The American company is working on a completely new design for the iPad mini, what we can expect in terms of specifications of the new mini tablet is not yet known.

According to eerdere news Apple is also working on a 12-inch version of the tablet will be called the iPad Pro. It is quite possible that we receive later this year launch a new iPad Mini and the iPad Pro. Air iPad 3 would probably still be some time in coming. Official information from Apple itself, we can expect a few weeks on the iPhone event which possibly will take place on 9 September

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