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A self-propelled by viewing iPad is that Apple Car? – NRC Q

There is little need to stimulate the imagination of Apple fans after the first rumors that Apple would want to build a car, circulated right first -. volledig complete fabrication – pictures of futuristic vehicles with Apple logo

The British newspaper The Guardian added fuel to the fire by uit documents citing showing that Apple is looking for a secluded place to test cars. The company would be an eye drop at a former naval base near San Francisco where also other car companies try self-propelled vehicles.

It is the hardest proof that Apple in Silicon Valley a self-driving car is developing and looking for a place to run test laps with prototypes.

Keep doing that secret

Apple protects the product usually completely off to the public. But building a complete car is harder to keep secret a new mobile phone or an iPad. Cars have to test kilometers, also in the public service. Certainly self-propelled cars have to prove themselves by staying clear of accidents in all conditions



Jij leans back, the car runs on later dates

Last spring it was announced that Apple had hired a car to start Project Titan,. the development of an electric, self-propelled car presumably Apple would to build a prototype based on a BMW i3 (full electric) and we’ll see bread in an enlarged heads-up display that projects applications and travel info on the windshield: a kind of see-iPad Apple has already developed CarPlay, which smartphone apps displays on the dashboard.

Apple is not the only technology company that is interested in the auto sector. Uber experiments with robotic cars, just like Google. Google is testing several years autonomous vehicles and hundreds of taxis without send about 35 kilometers an hour driving through town. Tesla, also in Silicon Valley, will be electric cars autonomously let it ride.

Digital maps

The traditional auto industry feels hunted by the tech sector and accelerate the development of autonomous driving cars. For this reason, buying a consortium of German car companies kaartentak Nokia HERE. BMW, Audi and Daimler paid EUR 2.8 billion for the card provider to ensure that valuable knowledge from leaking Silicon Valley Digital maps are indispensable for robot cars

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Nokia Here is sold, which means that TomTom

Apple Maps relies largely on TomTom-data, but it is obvious that the tech business cards are totally wants to have in-house. There are now collecting Apple Maps cars around that extra card information in the US and the UK.

At this point in time Apple (turnover in 2014: 182 billion dollars, about 164 billion euros) is still the most with the iPhone’s smartphonemarkt threatens to become saturated, so an additional source of income is welcome. Whether Apple will actually auto market is far from certain. The development would in any case take years. Apple has developed more products that never shop shrugged. So for years worked on a TV screen, but die Plans are to now in the closet

Also, there are entirely fictional depictions of, by the way:.

 Photos Brightcove

Photos Brightcove

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