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Does your iPad later an OLED screen? – Apparata

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LG OLED display
LG Display will invest $ 8.5 billion in OLED technology. And since LG screens supplies to Apple, this may mean that your iPhone or iPad is going to have an OLED screen. Or maybe not?

Although LG is the largest producer of LED displays worldwide, but competition is fierce, particularly from China. The company now makes so clear determination to remain market leader. If the competition is on your heels, then you obviously do not sit in a corner crying, but you just do an extra step – that’s called a winning mentality. The investment is reported by Bloomberg. According to research firm DisplaySearch data would have to grow the global OLED market of $ 8.7 billion in 2014 to $ 28.3 billion in 2022.

For what devices the new displays will be used, the company has not disclosed, but since LG is the largest supplier for Apple, is it likely that they’ll end up in its products . Bloomberg suggests in his reports that this may be the case to include wearables and TV's, and even cars. Currently available technology only in the Watch:. That has to do with the higher cost (quality costs money) and energy efficiency (useful for a wearable)

It is also Apple may OLED completely to let them by. For example, the display-maker LuxVue bought, and experts would be their micro-LED technology could well replace OLED

But as I said. As the competition is on your heels, then you need a step extra do

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