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Impulse GP – Race into the future on your iPad – Macworld

Impulse GP is a futuristic racing game for the iPad that is trying to bring back the glory days of WipeOut. It is the first game developer EcoTorque that with his debut drop a pretty impressive game.

There are those archetypes in the game industry that always keep coming back. Platform games, racing games, shooters … In the world of tablet gaming in recent years have all new types of games emerge. Think especially of the numerous Match-3 games and Angry Birds clones that populate the App Store. It is nice when you occasionally encounter once a game that seems to come from an earlier time, a genre that seemed amortized but in the AppStore will get a new chance. Because where you can fill an entire magazine with fun puzzle games for iPhone and iPad, there are for example to count the good futuristic racing games on one hand. Fortunately, then there will occasionally just a game like Impulse GP out.

2: Futuristic racing in the style of WipeOut You’ll race with a decent speed on the circuits

WipeOut returns

Futuristic racers, we leave them for convenience only. WipeOut clone mention are games in which you hurtling rapidly with a futuristic vehicle on winding, hilly circuits. The games are based on the old Playstation game Wipeout , a game that led to a revolution when it was released in the nineties. It was a game that speed and playability coupled with style, the funky soundtrack the world of game music turned upside down.

If you go for the modest novice iOS developer EcoTorque works and decides to make a tribute to WipeOut go for your first game, then you have your work be ready to help you. The result of the hard work of the developers is of surprisingly high quality. That it also some original elements to the genre makes our judgment actually only positive

racer for professionals

Impulse GP is divided into two different game modes:. Quick Race and Pro Race. Before you think that the game has no career mode, in essence, the Quick Race this. You start with a race against the clock on a new track. Are you here fast enough, you open the real race. In this race you have to finish in the top three again to unlock the next circuit. The Pro Race has many similarities with Quick Race, but the demands on your performance is much higher.

Pro Race you really need the full bin. As befits a WipeOut clone, the racing is anyway not very easy. The speeds are high, sharp bends and other drivers make you not get much easier. Fortunately, but then there are many elements in the game built to make the race easier. This way you are in awkward corners where you are coming subtly adjusted with high speeds. It is an addition that purists might raise their noses, but which is actually very welcome. Especially in the later tracks you can use all the help you can get. This help is also offered in the form of special boost pads.

3: Future Racer on your iPad The boost system Impulse GP is quite original

An ingenious boost system

Across the different circuits have called boost pads, planes. on the circuit that give you an extra speed injection. There are three different types of pads. Blue are fairly standard. Race over a blue path and you get a boost at your disposal, providing you with the press of a button can activate. Red brake pads on your right. We can then also avoid the best, although they can also be used to inhibit extra just before a sharp bend.

The most special pads are the green pads. These surfaces are on the road longer than the other, and request an extra skill. If you can be racing on these surfaces, and the boost button means exactly long enough (up to the counter at 100 percent state), then you get a short extra boost. Do you do this too short or too long, the boost does not go through, you’ll also be good to watch for. The boost system is a nice addition to the genre, and it remains beautiful that the potential of the AppStore system gives small allows developers to refresh existing genres.

Drag racing in the future

Another original addition to the genre is the ability to also drag races to drive. The AppStore is full of racing games that allows you to keep drag races with ordinary cars, but this is the first time we encounter this in a futuristic racing game. Every time you go into Quick Race have completed a circuit to get the opportunity to be on this track too Drag Racing. This in itself does not amount to much, but is a nice extra. You do in these races is not much more than switching at the right time, a lot of honor is therefore not to be gained.

Nice race without paywall

The developers of this game have expressed themselves on the Internet about the lack of sales success for their game . Indeed, it is one of the few so-called “premium” games that are released nowadays. These are games where you advance to pay and where you do not have extra parts more for having to buy.

Most game companies have this model released because premium games are very sensitive to piracy which also EcoTorque now going through. A shame because it is a relief to get back for once a good new game play without ever against a “paywall” to walk, films having to consider whether additional diamond / coins / keys have to buy. It is actually hard to understand why more people are willing to pay a small 3 euros for a game like Impulse GP. The game is very well done, sends good and looks slick. We can also absolutely recommend it for gamers that time still remember that before the original Wipeout were counting down around 60 euros.


Impulse GP is a nice racing game, where you get a good feel for speed. It looks nice and the many different circuits are well constructed. It’s a premium game, meaning that you have without you in game purchases have to do the whole game at your disposal. Hopefully we will soon hear more of this design.

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