Friday, August 14, 2015

Apple in 2015 with iPad Mini 4, no iPad Air 3 – TechTastic

ipad-air 3 Apple is reportedly on 9 September the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus reveal , but when the new iPad models to be unveiled is unclear at this time. In recent weeks we have seen already some renders appearance of the iPad Mini 4 , but the iPad Air 3 we have heard remarkably little new.

The arrival of the iPad Mini 4 appears to be a certainty, but rumors of the iPad Air 3 iPad Pro touching a release date are still been very inconsistent summit today. According to the Taiwanese blog DigiTimes that’s because Apple has no plans to launch an iPad Air 3 in 2015 and the company would focus primarily on the iPad Mini 4.

According to the sources which the site said Apple’s suppliers are currently preparing themselves For the production of the fourth generation iPad Mini, which, according to Digi Times only some minor upgrades will offer with respect to the current iPad Mini 2/3. Recent rumors suggest that the iPad Mini 4 is basically a smaller version of the iPad Air 2 with support for split-screen multitasking .

How seriously we should take the rumor is unclear, but given the dubious reputation of Digitimes is wise to read this news with the usual grain of salt. Moreover, it took usually reliable Japanese blog Mac Otakara in July, outside the iPad 3 Apple A9 Air-soc is still a possibility for 2015. The roadmap for Apple remains unclear in the iPad and palms between The impending iPhone event

The iPad is currently one of the few Apple products whose sales each quarter -. already six consecutive quarters – continued to decline. That is not just an Apple problem, because other manufacturers also contend with declining sales of tablets.


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