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Whink: comprehensive, accessible memo app for iPad – iculture

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A nieuw school good start with a brand new notebook. With a clean slate and enough pages for the first few months you for it again, but what about this with the iPad? At exactly the right moment Whink appear in the App Store: a free note-taking app that has everything to drag you through colleges around

<. a href="http://redirect.viglink.com?key=11fe087258b6fc0532a5ccfc924805c0&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.iculture.nl%2Fapp%2F1008546049%2F8" onclick="__ gaTracker ('send', 'event', 'outbound-article-out aff', 'http://www.iculture.nl/app/1008546049/8', 'Whink');"> Whink wants from other note-taking apps in the App Store distinguished by very accessible and at the same time very extensive. After a short introduction, you can immediately start taking minutes, and the operation is so obvious that you can directly from the feet.

iOS 9 research: the new Notes app is mnemonic, drawing pad and editor

24-8 · The Notes app gets a makeover with the arrival of Apple’s iOS 9. This app is much better suited as your principal reminder, drawing pad and task list for your iDevice and Mac. We already went along to get started


Whink:. Soon switch between drawing and typing

Keep example, hold the pen icon to choose a thicker line, and hatch lines, you have to sweep over it if you checked the stylus. With a push of the button allows you to route typed and handwritten text, so you can easily type in data and then to fill you with a drawing or quick handwritten note.


All the notes you are making in Whink-organized fashion store, and share your fast via Dropbox, Mail, and Google Drive. The magnifying glass is a very nice addition, because you are a part of your note here temporarily with enlarged so you little drawings easily can make your finger without having to fill a notepad with.

Whink is free download you can use fine without spending a penny. Do you want to add shapes and record audio while you take notes, you can purchase the premium version from within the app for € 2.99.

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Whink – Take Notes, Markup PDFs, Record Audio, Sketch

version 1.0

Rama Krishna


Whink - Take Notes, Markup PDFs, Record Audio, Sketch


iOS 8.0 or later


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