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Happy Wheels

Angry Birds Gratis

The charts in the App Store are currently dominated by Happy Wheels, a cartoonish, but very bloody game where you are a male on a Segway along several deadly obstacles leads.

Happy Wheels control a businessman who has to travel a course for reasons unknown to all kinds of dangerous obstacles. You must create some momentum, jumping at the right time and as quickly as possible to the finish. However, it is not easy: in each level fall namely cars and other objects in the air and there are elevators and fans who can crush or behead. Often more efforts need intact it to the finish, all make different hilarious ways in which your character can come to his end, great wealth.

Not every contact with an object, incidentally means death. So you can without legs still reach the finishing line, all this makes driving the Segway does a lot harder. Gravity plays a major role in the game, giving you a longer start-up will need to jump over spikes, mines and other obstacles.

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There are several characters to play with, including the irresponsible father, grandfather in wheelchair and pogostick-man. At the time of writing however, these are not yet available. However, there is a level editor where you can create and share your own tracks with others.

Angry Birds download

Happy Wheels is a free download for iPhone and iPad. The game requires iOS 6.0+ and minimal 21,4MB of free storage space. Want to play without ads, then an in-app purchase of 1.99 euros is required.

 Happy Wheels (AppStore link) Angry Birds
Developer Jim Bonacci

Review 12 +

Price: Free

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