Monday, August 17, 2015

The three best new apps for iPad # 107 – Tablets Magazine

The many available apps make the iPad of course the most. That’s why we bring you weekly the best, most interesting, best and most useful new apps for your iPad. This week include an app that helps you learn to relax by colors.


Pinterest and Etsy are great sites to look through, but a disadvantage is that you often only a final result see, and do not get explaining the steps to get to the final product. With craftsy can. The app has an extensive library full of fun projects, from cooking to painting and knitting to gardening. Each project includes not just pretty pictures, but also explain how you can make it yourself, often explained with videos. Videos can be stored offline, so you can do without Internet inspiration. Also useful is the ability to buy directly from the app stuff for your next project, such as yarn and cooking sets.


craftsy is free to download in the App Store.


Wezzoo is a new app that lets you view it again. But, instead of professional meteorologists determine the users again. Namely that can share what is in the place where they are now. It only takes two clicks, and have thus done so. Then we can look at the state of the wind how the weather is going to spread and thus how looks like the weather tomorrow, after tomorrow or in a week.


Wezzoo is free to download.


Colors can be a relaxing pastime, and there are more adults who go steeps colors. On the iPad, you can now color with the app colorfy. The app is full of mandalas and other drawings you can color, but the biggest benefit of the app is surely that you have available to the undo function: you make a mistake, you can just to digitally erase. Now of course you can make sure you’re not extremely concentrated busy because “you can fix it anyway later” so the reversal is limited to 5 steps that you are as relaxed as possible after the color.


Colorfy is free Download it contains in-app purchases.

What apps do you use?

Do you have any apps that should not be missed on an iPad? I like to read about in the comments, I take them for next time.


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