Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Make your old iPad faster – MacWorld

An iPad is the epitome of modern technology. It is pretty annoying if you sit on the bench and you have to wait before you are loaded apps. Fortunately, that can be a lot faster. We give you seven tips to improve significantly the speed of your old iPad.

 mw old ipad 1.jpg Get that Flappy Bird now finally your iPad off

Tip 1: Throw those apps you never use now finally gone

Everyone she has at iPad standing, from which useful or fun appjes you download a few times and then actually do. In itself not a problem, they just take up space on the hard drive of your tablet. Go to spring cleaning to your Settings and then choose to use to see which apps are all there on your iPad. From this menu you can immediately see how much space they occupy and, more importantly, you can remove them right. Really, Flappy Bird and Paper Toss there may now be a real time from

Tip 2: Do not automatically update apps

You think iPad with you, and to all apps you have on your tablet automatically update for you. Often, however, this is not necessary at all. Apart from a handful of apps you might use every day work most apps just fine, and it can not hurt to occasionally see for yourself whether there is an update available. You save space it out on your iPad and he goes faster work. Go to Settings, General, and then choose to refresh apps in background. Put that last feature off

Tip 3:. Let your iPad a good reboot

A great way to wake up your iPad is to reboot it once good. Keep an Power button for ten seconds in printed and then use the slider that it’s okay when the iPad is turned off. Let him now free to stand for a minute or longer, so the unit can restart itself really

Tip 4:. Think carefully before you update

Of course, you would like the nieuwste version of your operating system have on your iPad, so you can use all the cool new features. But then you have to ask yourself if you find it worth your iPad might slowdowns. Especially if you have an old model iPad it is sometimes wiser to A to the old

/">iOS stay

Tip 5:. Do you really need all those pictures on your iPad

It’s amazing how many people do not make pictures with their digital cameras?. Even with an iPad is well on loose photographed where it is still fun to be with funny photo appjes here anything and what to add. Also, you get nowadays many photos inside via social media like Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp, and together which can be a hefty collection. You really want to keep all those photos? Synchronize lot differently once with your computer, or even go considerably cleanup. A single photograph may not take much space, but if you’re alone a few hundred or thousand on your iPad …

Tip 6: Turn off Location Services

Today, many questions some apps if they can keep track of your location. But why? You shoot there in the vast majority of apps not really with it, where there is also wakes that tracking location computational demands of your iPad. In other words, the function where you have little to do makes your iPad slower! Go to Settings , Privacy and Location Services and go to the bottom of your screen. Here you switch the location services for the system

Tip 7:. Remove temporary files and Internet data path

If you are surfing with your iPad, then all sorts of data stored . This is useful if you are not always on a particular site to tap into your password, but for most sites it is not necessary to store cookies, or visit data is kept. Go to Settings , Safari and then Delete history and site data and Delete . That cleans up already. And you can create browser even lighter by also choosing Settings, Safari, Advanced, Website Data and then finally Remove all website data . That password know you next time you go to that one website is really still

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