Monday, December 15, 2014

Make your child friendly iPad – Computer Total

Tip 01: Clean

If the iPad you want to make previously been used by adults for children? It is wise to clean the device in first. Remove any excess off apps, delete pictures and movies of the unit, remove the accounts of mail, messages, FaceTime, Twitter, Facebook, iCloud like, and so on. That’s still a lot of work. Do you want to start with a clean slate, it’s quicker if you just reset the iPad. Lees also: 12 times a new life for your old iPad

Then you just the apps there are only put on equally authorized to use the children do, and correct. to set things in order to make a real children’s iPad. Clear depending on your Settings / General with the Reset / Erase All Content and Settings at the bottom. Is it a new iPad out of the box, or you want him only “kids-proof ‘, then delete is not necessary and you can get started right away

Note 01 to erase Make a fresh start with the iPad.

Tip 02: Default Apps

A good number of standard features of the iPad, you can turn off, so that children can not use as they have no business being there. This is done through Settings / General / Restrictions . First tap Turn restrictions . That is one-off. Consider a four-digit passcode. You need every time you want to adjust limitations.

The code kids can not just make this kind of adjustment. The restrictions that you can impose are divided into several groups. This allows you to Allow block some standard apps. As Safari, Camera, FaceTime, Siri and AirDrop. If your child has nothing to Internet search, which is so easy to control by blocking Safari. Can a child take any pictures, you lock here one stone two built-in cameras. The icons of the apps disappear this from the main screen. The apps themselves are not deleted from the device, so you can always make them readily available.

Tip 02 kinds of standard apps, you can easily block

Tip 03:. Camera Apps

If you do not children want to take pictures, you can block the Camera app. Only there are heaps of other camera apps in the App Store and perhaps a pair of stand installed. Now what? Which apps you can of course remove the iPad. But there are so many apps that do something with the camera, how do you know if you’ve found them all? And you want them all actually lost? Fortunately, this is also very well organized. Because once you block the use of the Camera app, then the two cameras in the iPad has instantly become unusable. So no matter which app uses a child, the cameras do it anymore. You do not have to worry that your child is still taking pictures with an app that you’ve overlooked. A reassuring thought.

Tip 03 Once disabled both cameras completely inaccessible

Tip 04:. do Procurement

The good thing about the iPad is that you can make purchases in an easy manner. Apps, music, movies, books, you name it. Only of course you do not want your child goes shopping spree and you will soon presented with a hefty bill. So it is time to close the safe door. Go to Settings / General / Restrictions , it appears that in the section Allow can prevent children just do purchases the iTunes Store, iBooks Store and the App Store. In-app purchases will take out here by Buy Apps from off. So a child can not buy from a game all wonderful things, without realizing that it costs a lot of money. As for the App Store, you can install both it and allow the removal of apps separately or block via the options Installing Apps and Delete Apps .

Tip 04 Block purchases to To avoid unpleasant surprises.


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