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Review: Logitech Type + case with keyboard for iPad Air 2 – Tablets Magazine

We already have several iPad accessories Logitech viewed, including the flexible AnyAngle Case which the tablet is protected and the Keys-To-Go keyboard that you can work anywhere productive. In this review, however, we look at a combination of these accessories; Logitech Type +, a case that provides protection and flexibility but also features a built-in keyboard.

Logitech Type + for iPad Air 2

The Logitech type + is an all-in-one keyboard case for the iPad Air 2 which you will transform the tablet into a kind of laptop. For this the case with a Bluetooth keyboard that has, according to the manufacturer, provides a typing experience that is comparable to that of a laptop. The screen of the iPad attaches itself in the type mode by a magnet to the keyboard and ensures that the screen is always within reach.

 Logitech type plus total 770x444 Review: Logitech Type + case with keyboard for iPad Air 2

The Logitech Type + also features automatic on / off function. When the iPad upright is placed in typing position, the Logitech Type + keyboard automatically turns on and when the iPad is down to surfing the web keyboard shuts off. In addition, the auto-wake causes – and auto-sleep function make the iPad automatically goes on and off when the case is opened or closed, the Logitech type + is available in black and red for a suggested retail price of 99.99 euros

.. Design

Like other accessories from Logitech that we have looked at is the type + accessory with high quality finishes and premium materials. The exterior features a beautifully finished Fabric Skin skin that the iPad comfortably in your hand leaves behind. On the back we see an opening for the camera and the sides are left open so the buttons and connectors of the tablet remain accessible. Two rubber edges ensure that the iPad remains securely in place even when you take the tablet and accessories.

Logitech Type plus close 770x389 Review: Logitech Type + case with keyboard for iPad Air 2

The keyboard looks chic and from premium, with buttons that have a fine finish so your fingers do not slip off quickly. The whole has a weight of 430 grams and is 17.1 millimeters thick, something to understand it is if we look at the flexibility, protection and opportunities . You make your iPad after all, a kind of laptop. Incidentally, is the key thing in the cover so that the keys never touch the iPad’s screen when the case is closed. In addition, the sleep function of the iPad is activated when the cover is closed.

Logitech Type Plus Keyboard 2 770x442 Review: Logitech Type + case with keyboard for iPad Air 2


The type + Case Logitech have to protect your iPad in different ways. As mentioned, the case features a special skin that against a drop of water (or other liquid) can but since the sides are open and a hole for the camera is present, we recommend that you submit to be careful with a cup of coffee next your tablet. Chances are that the liquid in places is where you do not want

Logitech Type Plus design 2 770x429 Review.: Logitech Type + case with keyboard for iPad Air 2

Also, liquid quickly reach the keyboard and there is unfortunately less easy from / to finish. The material provides sufficient protection against scratches and bumps when the case is closed but must here be said that the protection is not optimal. A fall from a table can damage your iPad after all, still. The type + is less protective against punches than AnyAngle case but adequate protection in a bag, car or desk.

Stand Positions

To your iPad transform it into a laptop and comfortable to use in this way is the type + case features two stand positions. Be the iPad at an angle places similar to how you use a laptop. This way you can put the tablet easy on your desk or even use it on your lap

Logitech Type Plus design 770x433 Review: Logitech Type + case with keyboard for iPad Air 2

The whole is very stable thanks a magnet in the case and by touching the screen, you do not worry that the tablet back shooting or that the whole moves. There is also a lying position possible in which the iPhone falls over the keyboard. This is particularly useful when you play a game or something quickly on to search screen or tap.

Logitech Type Plus mode 770x335 Review: Logitech Type + case with keyboard for iPad Air 2


Perhaps the most important part of the Logitech Type + case is the keyboard. Logitech has a full QWERTY keyboard incorporated in the case, and as stated above is the keyboard slightly in the cover so that both the keys and the iPad screen is not touch come with parts of the tablet or cover. Of course there are again several iOS specific keys present. For example, with one push of a button to switch between open apps as possible, search for your iPad, take a screenshot and media player to use. The main functions of your iPad are directly accessible and have been the Ctrl, Alt and cmd keys present. With the X, C and V keys can cut text, copied and pasted.

Logitech Type Plus keyboard 770x436 Review: Logitech Type + case with keyboard for iPad Air 2

The keyboard connects wirelessly to the iPad via Bluetooth. This connection is easily and quickly accomplished; put the iPad on the keyboard and search your iPad keyboard with Bluetooth devices. Tap the name of the keyboard and you can get started. The keys have a fine structure so your fingers do not slip off quickly and provide sufficient travel for a comfortable typing experience. There is enough space between the keys so you will not easily get the wrong key. However, the material surrounding the keys is quite slippery and sticky can happen quickly, a small minus. According to Logitech, the keyboard is about three months on a full charge (3 hours charging). Unfortunately we can not test it so that we take but by. Useful is that the keyboard itself off when not in use.


The Logitech Type + Case for iPad Air and iPad Air 2 is a very complete accessory that the iPad for you to form compact laptop. The case adds quite a bit of weight and thickness to your iPad, but this will get flexibility in the form of state positions, protection against scratches and spills, and a comfortable keyboard. As regards the protection there are cases that offer more but then you have to do without built-in keyboard. The Type + features quality materials and premium finishes, something for a price of 99.99 euros also may naturally. Are you looking for a premium all-in-one case for your iPad? Then we can certainly recommend the Logitech + type.


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