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Get more from your iPad on iOS 8 – Total Computer

Compared to iOS 7 appears in iOS 8 little changed at first sight. Nothing is less true, because who is a good engrossed in Apple’s mobile operating system, will be amazed by all the fresh gadgets. In this article we explain on the basis of practical examples from various novelties. So we tell include how extensions work and how you can call with an iPad. We also provide detailed information on the new features of the Messaging app. Even relatively small improvements remain on the last pages are not blameless. Take it to your advantage!


Thanks apps in iOS 8 extensions can communicate with each other. Very innovative, because previously worked every app in a closed system. Developers can now open their apps for other applications. As a result, it is possible to talk to from the Photos app, editing another photo editor. Whether you share a photo directly from the library with Instagram or any other social network. Another example is that you can retrieve that are stored in a separate safe app passwords from any app.

You can buy apps from various iOS approaching 8 components, such as the day view in the Message Center and through the action or share button in various applications. Which extensions are available, depending on the choice of the developer. At present, there are already many apps via extensions with iOS-onderdelen can communicate.

Through an extension of Vimeo example, you can upload videos directly from the video library.

Edit Photos

Perhaps you see the use of extensions not quite for you. For that reason, we will discuss some apps that you can speak from various iOS parts. A good example is Camera Plus . Install this app on your device once and then open an image in the app Photos . Then tap Edit to open the edit window. In addition to the standard tools of iOS 8 you can now directly use the features of Camera Plus. This, tap the icon with three dots and choose More . Activate the slider after Camera Plus and confirm with Done . Then tap Camera Plus to open the editing tools. You apply now directly filters and text of this photo app without making an application to the iPad is open.

From the Photos app approach straight into the editing of Camera Plus

Camera Plus

Price . € 0, 89 (+ in-app purchases)
score 4/5

Share Information

Several iOS applications thanks to share the use of extensions information with third-party apps. Take, for example Evernote. You can now even easier photos, documents and web pages to keep as notes. In the Photos app and Safari you do this simply tap on the share button (square icon and arrow). You will see a row of standard apps that allow you to share a photo or web page. Swipe left and tap More . Activate the slider after Evernote .

You possibly change the order of the menu behind an app by touching the icon with the three horizontal lines and then sweep. Confirm with Done . Tap Evernote and save the Web page or picture as notes. Useful is that instead of an entire webpage can also add selected text to Evernote. Other apps that include its share information from Safari Tumblr and Pocket.

From Safari share your web content easily with other apps like Evernote .


Price : Free (+ in-app purchases)
score 5/5


Price Free
score : 4/5


Price : Free (+ in-app purchases)
score : 4.5 / 5


In addition to sharing information, enter from iOS parts with the right app extensions also from direct actions. Install only once the password vault 1Password on your iPad. Open this app and remember a master password. You can save on the plus sign credentials of different web services in the vault, so that you now only need to remember the master password. Open Safari and navigate to a website that you want to log.

Tap then the share button on. Wipe the list of activities to the left and choose More . Move the slider after 1Password to. Optionally, you change the order of the menu. Connect with Done menu and tap into the activity list at 1Password . Then enter the master password. You finally with the account information you want to log. A plus is that 1Password is able to password data with iCloud and Dropbox synchronize. There are also more and more apps that work directly with 1Password to retrieve password information.

Communicate in Safari directly with the password vault 1Password.


Price : Free (+ in-app purchases)
score 3.5


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