Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Xavion iPad app puts your aircraft to land safely – iculture

Suppose you are sitting in an airplane, and suddenly a problem occurs. There is an engine failure or pilot became unwell. This iPad app can then Save Lives because you do not have to manually make an emergency landing. The Xavion app works via the autopilot, locate the safest airport close to land and flies there independently go. Optionally, Xavion Find an open field where you can let it put the aircraft to land safely

While flying the app keeps constant watch what airports are close to the flight path. The built-in barometer of the iPad also keeps the air pressure and temperature in the cabin in the holes. If something goes wrong, then grab the app and make your Wi-Fi connection to the autopilot. The app immediately shows an animated map on the screen and gives you the ability to send some to emergencies. You immediately see the estimated arrival time and fuel consumption at different heights, so you can choose between the fa stest or most efficient landing.

xavion cockpit

Xavion is not an app that you just install just because it’s fun. There namely a hefty price tag: you pay $ 20 per month or $ 200 per year. The app works with X-Plane from the same developer. Xavion takes into account the worst case , so that you do not have to. He knows the characteristics of your aircraft and from the site where you fly above

Version 1:48

X-Avionics, LLC

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Xavion - Synthetic Vision, Instrument Backup and Emergency Lander for Your Airplane


iOS 7.0 or later


iOS Universal


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