Sunday, December 21, 2014

Unescorted access set on iPhone and iPad – Computer Total

The function Supervised Access (Guided Access) you can use the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to remain at a particular app. Only the user with a preset code can disable this mode. Also part of the screen can be disabled.

Guided Access is used as the Apple device is given to third parties. Especially for children is useful: Start a particular app, such as Candy Crush Saga, imagine Guided access and the child can not leave the app so that other apps like Mail, Safari and Facebook ‘Safe’. Supervised access is also used for iPads in shops, schools and the business environment. Supervised access is part of the operating system from iOS 6. Lees Also, If you use Touch ID on the iPhone 5s

So imagine Guided access:.

1. Launch the Settings app on
2. Go to General
3. Go to Accessibility
4. Go to Guided Access under the Learning
5. Turn Guided access and tap Access Settings
6. Under Set code for unescorted access to is a four-digit code in

Guided Access is now set. The function can be activated in any app by triple-clicking the Home button on the Apple device. In the menu that appears, you simply right allows Start tap to start the Guided Access mode.

Guided Access is set, kids can not mess with the app and Facebook, and email.

The app can now only be exited by pressing the Home button three times and enter the four-digit code. Also Touch ID can be set so that the code does not need to be used.

If you boot Guided access the app by pressing the Home button three times, appears at the bottom of the Options . Lets you select which part of the screen stops functioning, for example, to hide a menu or sub-function. Also, the sleep and volume control, the motion sensor, the keyboard and the touch screen can be disabled. Finally you can set a time limit.

If the settings of Guided access set as desired, then it is not necessary to repeat it every time or to display the menus. Go to Settings / General / Accessibility / Guided Access and turn Activation Button . When you’re in an app three times on the home button, the Guided Access mode without additional menus or action is immediately activated with the existing settings.

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