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Fiiv: iPad folio with SIM card slot for mobile internet – Apparata

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your iPad originally not support mobile Internet, you can change that with the Fiiv.

The internet runs on the iPad covers, but the Fiiv promises to do it differently. The built-in accu is nice, but the case is really special thanks to the slot for a simkaart, which will allow each iPad to connect to mobile internet.

iPad and more
technique in Fiiv is actually very simple. By clicking a SIM card in the case, the case creates a wireless network where you can connect to iPad then. In addition, a battery 10.000mAh present extra long internetsessies support (if your data bundle also agree of course). This hotspot up can also be used by other devices. So you also can laptop connect to it. A total of ten devices can be connected to one Fiiv.

Early buyers can Indiegogocampagne exploit to retrieve a copy of the Fiiv for $ 99 at home. If the crowdfunding campaign is met, the cases are sent in May 2015. For now, the Fiiv is exclusive to the Apple tablet, but the company has indicated that in the future with a Android-versie get

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