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The iPad is still suffer the long life –

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Analysis It is still huge hip to write off the iPad. However, I do not see why.

In recent years, enter the iPad domains that were previously only accessible for laptops and desktops. For a large part of the cellular market is the iPhone now the primary or even sole computer that is being used. Increasingly, people leave their laptops at home and they only use iPads.

Because of increasingly sophisticated apps for iOS, such as GarageBand and the Microsoft Office package , the iPad has put an end to its reputation as “a device intended only for consumption ‘and it has become a productivity tool.

As Apple is now itself in the ad campaign “ What will your fresh be ‘shows, find iPads their way into schools, hospitals, bands, art studios, fitness centers, laboratories, cockpits and almost any activity outdoors. Looking at these signs, it sometimes seems as if the iPad in the particular situation does better than would a MacBook.

Also, the iPad mini has become a bright star in the firmament iPad. The first iPad mini oven in 2012. directly brutally out of the starting blocks and was a well-timed response to the growing popularity of small Android tablets. But the iPad mini Retina from 2013 showed only really show what the little brother of the regular iPad is capable of.

This device did not include in the specifications for the iPad Air and was, according to many critics the better choice. The format was easier to use and in many cases this was seen as a greater benefit than the larger screen of the Air. In addition, the Mini was much cheaper.

Buyers agreed. The iPad mini was the end of 2013 now sell responsible for 60 percent of total iPad and that trend has put this year.

But times seem changed. Many reports from analyst firms mention a decline in tablet sales among all manufacturers. Especially Apple, which previously always recorded growth, thereby jump in the eye with a declining number of units sold.

The iPad mini 2 / Retina was a huge success. Yet this could not prevent a decline in sales.

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