Tuesday, December 23, 2014

AKO stops MagWorld tijdschriftenapp for iPad – iculture

magazines ako was once the rescue for the magazine industry: journals had to go digital. Conferences and workshops were dedicated to enriching magazines and sharing success stories. But apparently selling digital magazines proceeds not so smooth. One of the biggest digital magazines in the Netherlands is it up . AKO today sent an e-mail to users to announce that they are going to stop the app for digital magazines. As of December 30 it is no longer possible to order digital magazines in the AKO MagWorld app . Any subscriptions will continue until that time

The email shows that the results are disappointing at AKO app:.

The developments in the field of digital magazines to read in the current form of our application is not what we expect from it. Sorry, we have therefore had to decide to stop our application for digital magazines. We regret this decision very much, we hope you understand our decision.

If you had purchased digital magazines, it is high time to make a backup extent that succeeds or create interesting pages screenshots. As of December 31, 2015 (ie over a year) disappear magazines from the app. The MagWorld app in the coming weeks to disappear from the App Store and from Google Play

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