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So you can easily create scans your iPad – Computer Total

In this article we show you how you can easily scan, edit multiple pages and can send as a PDF document. We use the app CamScanner , but there are more options. Apps as Genius Scan , Evernote Scannable and Fine Scanner are almost identical and also work well.

Photos instead of scanning

A typical scanner is in most cases using sensors that analyze a document exposed on a glass plate. The sensors thereby move from left to right in order to map the entire document. This technique course you can not simulate with your iPad, but there is another way to make a scan of a document, namely just with the camera of your iPad. A disadvantage is that you never have managed to put a document exactly right and without oblique viewing angle of the picture. Also, you have to deal with shadows and other artifacts that can provide an unclear scan. Therefore, it is necessary to use a special app if you want to scan your iPad. Make sure in any case that you have a good exposure for a scan with the camera of your iPad, it’s best to use a stable surface and make the shot with natural light.


There you will find a number of good apps in the App Store, and have similar functions. In this course we will use the popular app CamScanner. This app is also available for the iPhone and also offers a free version. However, the free version is only to use the iPhone and only useful to test the app, the app adds the final result include a watermark on your file. This of course is not suitable if you really want to use the app. For iPad download the HD version for 4.99 euros. When you open the app for the first time, it looks a bit unclear, but the principle is very simple. To start, you tap with the camera on the round button. The camera is activated and by tapping the camera icon, you take a picture. Make sure the photo you take is clear and that the document is somewhat right. This makes the subsequent correction easier

CamScanner HD

Grade . *****
Price : € 4.99 (+ in-app purchases)
size : 25.2 MB

Genius Scan + – PDF Scanner

Rating : ****
Price € 6.99
size : 15.7 MB

Evernote Scannable

Grade : ****
Price Free
size 27.4 MB

Fine Scanner PRO

Grade : ****
Price € 4.99 (+ in-app purchases)
size : 16.3 MB


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