Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Attention: Video shows iPhone and iPad to crash – Radar (press release) (Registration)


A video that circulates on the internet, let your iPhone or iPad to crash. How do you recognize the video, and what you can do to your Apple device to get if you are unlucky enough to have clicked?

It is not uncommon for that there is a video pops up that makes sure that your iPhone or iPad crashes. Links to the film are often for the joke shared in WhatsAppgroepen or on other social media. According to technologiesite jelly, there are at least no indications that there are also malicious software on your device is installed. The clip ensures that your device is much slower and then crashes.

Where do you recognize the video?

  • You need to have the movie open in the Safari browser;
  • in the video preview you see someone in a bed, next to a brown cabinet;
  • the video takes a few seconds ensures that there is a light green color on your screen and then your phone crashes.

Still open! What now?

You need to have your iPhone or iPad to reboot. If this does not work? Then you can perform a hard reset.

  • iPhone 6S and older: press and Hold the power button and home button together and hold. The iPhone restarts on its own. This may take some time. Release the buttons when the Apple logo appears on screen.
  • iPhone 7 (Plus): press and Hold the power and home button) the lock button and the volume down button for a few seconds.

Source: windows


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