Tuesday, September 30, 2014

iPad does not count as computer tax – NU.nl

 iPad does not count as computer load Photo: Nutech / Joost Nederpelt

that the Court has held in Amsterdam Thursday, according to a statement that Monday was created.

The Court gave its judgment in a case of RTL. The media company had its employees tax iPads as gifts, but a judge ruled end of 2012 that was not allowed. RTL had to pay 300,000 euros payroll still about 664 donated iPads.

Computers provided to staff should be deployed for tax may be given away. Least 90 percent business use In communication, such as smart phones, only 10 percent of the use needs to be. Business

According to the Court is an iPad not a computer because it is less likely that long texts are typed using the keyboard on the screen.

Communications such as email and internet visit, according to the Court less affected by this limitation. Earlier it was decided that Blackberry’s do not count as computer because the input options are too limited.

The ruling means that RTL about 240,000 euros will be refunded. Payroll taxes to The Court does not specify explicitly that the statement is true for all types of tablets, but it seems obvious that Android and Windows tablets under the ruling fall


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