Thursday, September 4, 2014

More and more parents can not pay for school iPad – Tablet Guide

Education is a right, but more and more parents do not seem to nail. Financial ends meet They have struggled to bring order to purchase. Requested additional (digital) teaching material for their offspring to the money Then for example, to an iPad.

writes RTL News following a press release from Foundation Leergeld that the emergency bell tolls.

More and more schools have an iPad as a tool to provide teaching materials, but that involves high costs. Therefore require schools to provide a financial contribution from the parents. More and more parents these costs can not afford so that children come to be on the sidelines.

Gaby Thompson, director of Foundation Leergeld, told Yahoo! News that the phone is “ringing” is because more and more parents drop by for help. “ Parents are faced with school fees and all kinds of things that they can not pay from their ordinary income,” says Van den Biggelaar. It is according to her, not just a school, but also a iPad or computer.

Increasingly, parents rely on Foundation Leergeld. According to the latest figures helped the Foundation in 2012 44.425 children. Last year, that number has risen to 47 142 children, an increase of 6%. This year Foundation Leergeld expect it to help to shoot, converted an increase of 15%. Approximately 54,000 children Last year the Foundation 7.4 million on help for parents.

iPad schools

In August last year, seven schools started throughout the country by offering exclusive of education on tablets. Meanwhile, there are 25 so-called iPad or Steve Jobs schools. The philosophy of initiator and pollster Maurice de Hond is that these schools children preparing for the world of tomorrow by making use of the digital capabilities. “With new technology they learn in a different way than with old technology,” said the Dog in an interview with Radio 2 .

In November last year told Paul Rosenmöller, former politician and president of the Secondary Education Council, in an interview with the Volkskrant that he likes would see that schools haste to introduce tablets and smartphones in the curriculum.

Recently, Mark van Hussen of Malmberg said he suspects that within the next five years All schools with an iPad works . This is because schools increasingly have better and cheaper WiFi feature.

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