Saturday, June 6, 2015

“New pictures compare format iPad Pro with iPad Air 2 ‘-

There are new pictures surfaced of Pro iPad covers. These show how large the expected tablet Apple compared with the handy iPad Air 2.

to see iPad Pro format pictures

The leaked pictures are taken from the French Nowhere Else, earlier pictures and information of unannounced Apple products brought out, and sometimes had to be right. The leaked images, the iPad Air 2 laid in alleged iPad Pro covers, to compare the difference in size between the two tablets.

The iPad Pro is probably equipped with a 12.2 inch screen and would 307 mm high and 222 millimeters long. It is still unclear how the new tablet is thin, though it is likely that Apple everything will do to him to be as slim as possible.

The cover displayed on the images is further shows that the design of the Pro in many ways consistent with the Air 2. There are, in the case both at the top and bottom openings available for speakers and a cutout for a Lightning- or USB c connector to the left.

What do we know about the iPad Pro

In recent months, there is something about the iPad Pro leaked, but a lot we do not know yet. It is expected that the new Apple tablet later this year will announce, though it is still unclear when exactly.

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According to earlier reports, the company wants from Cupertino with the iPad Pro give a boost to sales of iPads. In addition, the new tablet would be a lot more attractive for business people, and get a stylus. This pin would sketches users and drawings can make, what the tablet also makes a lot more interesting for users in education.

The latest news on the iPad

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