Monday, June 22, 2015

New pictures show how big a 12-inch iPad Pro – iculture

iPad-format pro-sleeves-3 There are new pictures appeared, from which can be deduced how big a 12-inch iPad Pro is actually compared with the iPad Air 2. The pictures show covers designed for Apple’s future sample tablet. The pictures are taken from the French website Nowhere Else , who earlier pictures of unannounced Apple products brought out

In the pictures, the iPad Air see 2, in combination with covers that are intended for the iPhone Pro. The pictures clearly show how big the difference between the two tablets is. The design of the iPad Pro is in many ways similar to the current iPad Air 2.

iPad-format pro-sleeves-1

iPad-format pro-sleeves-2

Apple would with the iPad Pro particularly business users want to appeal. There is reportedly a optional stylus , allows you to create sketches and drawings. This iPad Pro immediately interesting for creative professions, such as designers and photographers

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The iPad Pro will probably get a 12.2-inch screen and has further dimensions of 30.7 x 22 2 inches. At the top and bottom would speakers are present. The big question is whether this new iPad Pro is equipped with a Lightning connector, or that Apple hereby choose the USB connection C. That connection would then reach the first side.

There has long been talk of the iPad Pro. Apple would already have had previous plans to announce the larger tablet, but gave priority to the Apple Watch. According to the latest rumors, Apple might have plans later this year to announce the iPad Pro, but it can move in again.


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