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How to use the new Facebook Reactions on iPhone and iPad – iculture

Last updated: February 25, 2016

Every Facebook user now has the look-I-like-button, but now there are many more ways to respond to a post with a simple icon. In total you now have the choice of six different emoji that Facebook itself has given the name Reactions. What exactly are the options and how to use them

Facebook Reactions: from cute to upset

 The new Facebook Reactions in action.

As mentioned earlier, in total, six different emotions. These are the following ways:

  • Nice : The standard inside out that we all know. Like a message fun or interesting, you make this known with the famous blue Facebook icon
  • great . The superlative of fun. A heart means that you will find something quite amazing, so other know even better that they should not miss this message
  • Funny . You lie completely in stitches by post laughter, then make it known with this happy looking emoji. Good alternative to typing LOL and haha ​​
  • Dazed . You stand there amazed at what you’ve read in a post or you are very overwhelmed, you can this surprised-looking using emoji
  • Sad . when a message hits you or you for example want to express your compassion, then there are those suitable emoji premeditated
  • <. strong> Angry : you get really furious a particular post or you can somewhere so very over excited, you can express your emotions with this emoji

Facebook start rolling out five new icons next to the ‘Like’ duimpje

24-2 · Facebook has begun rolling out five additional icons next to the Like button. These Reactions will be used worldwide. The smileys and the heart can give a more detailed response than just lighting a inside out.


using Facebook Reactions on the iPhone

Funny Facebook emoji response to a message  from iculture. the use of these new comments in the Facebook app on iPhone and iPad is a piece of cake You just need to follow the following steps.

  1. Find a post on and do you hold your finger on the Find-me-like-button.
  2. Move your finger upwards and slide it over the different emoji.
  3. emoji are individually amplified, so you can see what they mean.
  4. let your fingers loose on an emoji to submit.
  5. Do you still send no response, move your finger over downwards and release of screen release.
  6. you can also select an emoji through the Find-me-like-button for holding down and holding your finger over the screen. then tap the right emoji on.

This method works in the exact same way on the mobile site of Facebook.

Facebook Reactions on the website

Check your Facebook via the internet browser, for example, a Mac, you use the Facebook Reactions as follows:

  1. Move your mouse over the Find-me-like-button and leave it there for a short time
  2. <. li> then select with your mouse the right emoji and click on it.


Facebook is standard on iPhone and iPad . you can share photos, log in with your account and more. In this case read your use of Facebook on iPhone and iPad.


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