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Review: Spark for iPad brings smart inbox for a bigger screen – iculture

 Spark Icon. Spark, the highly acclaimed mail app and our winner of the iCulture Awards , finally received the long-awaited iPad version. Starting today, the Spark app has become universal, so you can use the iPad Smart Mailbox. How does the iPad version to the version on your iPhone? We discuss the app and all its features in this AppReview.

Spark release comes on the iPad at the right time, because tomorrow will be the Email app Mailbox disappear . This popular app was also available on the iPad, so if you iPad users also need moet for an alternative. Spark is a good option and for everyone who sends emails during the day and certainly receives try.


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 A list sorted mails Spark on the iPad thanks to  the smart inbox.

Smart mailbox on iPad

Spark appeared May last year iPhone and instantly knew to do well, as was confirmed by onze AppReview . One of the downsides then the absence of the iPad version, but with the updates from Spark today is now fully utilize the larger screen of the iPad. In Spark for the iPad was to be just as the iPhone version new emails separated from you read emails, allowing you to see at a glance what’s all new. the app sorts your emails in a smart way, so you quickly can browse through your emails. so newsletters separately Danish real important new emails, so they do not distract from the emails that matter.


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Spark on the iPad has almost the same look as the iPhone version, although the lighter blue instead has made a bluish-purple tint. in terms of e-mail display makes iPad version of Spark use of the larger screen, because your mailbox on the left illustrated, and see the selected e-mail to the right is. This only works in landscape mode. in portrait mode, the messages are displayed in full screen. However, you you swipe between different messages, but in portrait view you can not see in advance what the next email is right.

 View a mail Spark on the iPad.

widgets moved to side menu
the so-called widgets are moved in the iPad version of the iPhone version. instead of the top or through a bottom right, you’ll find these options now in the upper left side menu always visible. Tap such a widget, such as the calendar, you contact list to the right. This is why some way from the Slide-On feature that Apple added in iOS 9 on newer iPads. The mailing list thus remains visible, but is not interactive anymore. It is not possible to scroll through the calendar and simultaneously your mailing list, which is a shame. The agenda Spark is synchronized with your default iOS calendar, so you do not have to work with two different agendas.

 blog widget in Spark on the iPad.

And on Slide speaking: this feature is supported by Spark on the iPad too. Splitview works with Spark, leaving your other apps can open alongside Spark. this way you can still use the default Calendar app to view next Spark, but it would have been easier if it could directly Spark itself.

other features of the iPhone app have made the transition to the larger iPad version. for example, consider the snooze function to ask emails to delay or itself swipe gestures . Swipe gestures are quick ways to clean up your mailbox. To mark a read email as quickly, you can archive it, or remove pins. Searching for an e-mail works just like on the iPhone with natural and human terms. Search for “emails with attachments from Benjamin ‘and you will see all emails where an attachment is in that particular individual.

 Spark on the iPad with Split View.

Smart alerts and notifications

like the iPhone Spark version for iPad has all kinds of smart notifications, so you can act much faster. Smart notifications keep you up to date with emails from important people. The reports are interactive, so you can perform actions with a swipe of a notification such as deleting an email or mark it as read.

The ticking is an e-mail in a beautiful and clean screen, so you will not be distracted by useless things. It is a pity you from typing an e-mail to readily pick out the calendar widget to look like when you have a hole-free. It is precisely thanks to the larger screen of the iPad is here place. Also, add files here from different cloud services or select an appropriate photo from your photo library.

 A new mail Spark typing on the iPad.

Conclusion Spark for iPad

Now Spark also on the iPad appeared, the app can be used on all iOS devices. All the important features that make Spark for iPhone as well, also in the iPad version. Yet it is a pity that there is not always that good use is made of the greater amount of space you have, thanks to the larger screen of the iPad. A view of all emails plus an opened e-mail is a nice feature, but it’s a shame as the calendar widget is the only active element when it is opened. The tones of the calendar widget while typing an e-mail is a point of improvement for the future.

Are you satisfied Spark user, then you no doubt also switch on the iPad to Spark. Smart inbox, fast swipe movements and quick reactions make browsing through your email easier, even on your iPad. The developer is also working on a Mac version, but it is at time of writing not yet available. Once there is more known about it, read on iculture.


  • Smart inbox now also on iPad
  • Has all the features of the iPhone version
  • All to suit your tastes


  • Does not always convenient use of the larger screen


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