Friday, June 3, 2016

photos from iPad to iPad – One More Thing

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Mickeymii on February 24, 2016 #

Today I bought a new iPad for my grandmother. Now, of course, must be interpreted all the data. This went quite well via iCloud. Now there is a large part of the pictures are not transferred. How do I get these pictures are the easiest on the new iPad. The iPad is not connected to a computer.

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Muiter on February 24, 2016 #

Photo Sync works perfectly well … themselves as to iOS to OSX. Why do you need WiFi for this.

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Ipadtipper on February 24, 2016 #

Very useful work google photo app. See also

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Beech on February 24, 2016 #

What are the settings on your iPad related photos in the cloud?


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