Thursday, September 8, 2016

Apple introduces new iPad prices and storage variants –

During the presentation of Apple Wednesday it turned mainly to the iPhone 7 and the Apple Watch Series 2, but the iPads are quietly updated the Apple Store.

Storage doubled

Apple announced that the iPhone 7 finally get more storage space. 16GB is no longer adequate as the smallest model. Therefore, the options are doubled and you can soon buy the unit in versions 32GB, 128GB and 256GB. The new iPad Pro (both 9 , 7-inch and the 12.9-inch version) also get access to these storage options.

This also has an impact on the price of the iPad Pro, especially the more expensive variants with more storage are reduced in price . So the iPad Pro costs with a screen of 12.9 inch with 4G and 256GB Of Storage 1279 euros. Previously, the most expensive variant was 1429 euros.

iPad prices

the 16GB iPads been removed across the board. iPad Air 2 32GB with wifi is now the entry level, where the price has remained the same to the previous 16GB version, but with twice as much space. The price increases at other options is something for duplication. For example, the 128GB version with WiFi iPad Air now costs 549 euros, which you previously paid 539 euros for the 64GB variant

The cheapest iPad that Apple sells now the iPad mini 2 with 32GB. It costs 299 euros, before the price was for the 16GB model. Below is the new price of iPads in a schedule.

 ipad prices

Apple Announcement

Wednesday announced new iPhones at the Apple event, as well as new Apple Watches . Read all about it in our roundup . The iPads are only updated in terms of storage and price, Apple announced new models. It is expected to be presented in a separate event, along with new MacBooks

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