Thursday, September 15, 2016

Evolus 3 is a charging station for your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch – iculture

Do you use different chargers for your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, there will soon be a solution that eliminates the problem in a stylish way. Evolus 3 is a charging station that is suitable for any iDevice and is a nice addition to your desk or nightstand.

The Evolus 3 differs in several respects from previous charging stations. The design is very tight and everything is neat finishes, but you see the last time back in (almost) every new Kickstarter project in this category.

Evolus charging station

Behind the support for your iPhone and iPad is a small wheel that you can turn to. By turning to the Lightning adapter is pushed up, to ensure that iPhones and iPads with cases can also be connected. The charging station includes a Touch4Time’ function. Tap the charging station and you Apple will display the time.

Apple Watch Evolus dock

the dock for the Apple Watch can be removed so you can take the dock travel. At the back of the dock is a port for the Lightning cable, which you can also use the smaller charger for your iPhone.

Compatible with any iDevice
the creators promise that the charging station for each iDevice compatible and that even the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2 can be charged with the Evolus 3. Support for each iDevice also means that large iPad Pro can be recharged at the station. Users of the Apple Pencil can purchase a container for € 10 that you can place in front of the charging station. In the picture below you can see what the Evolus 3 has to offer.

Capabilities Evolus 3

Expected delivery in November
the project has already collected more than three quarters of its intended target in eight days. At the time of writing you still amply qualify for the Early Bird Evolus the third purchase. If Earlybird pay including postage and € 137 for the premium version you pay € 146.

The difference with the Premium version is that the charging station is finished with leather. Want only the Evolus Travel, you pay € 71 respectively for the standard model or € 82 for the Premium version. For that money you can charge your iPhone and Apple Watch and you get a case with adapters for different countries.

Evolus 3 charging station

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