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Swift Playgrounds download to learn programming on your iPad – Numrush

Turing WWDC in June, Apple announced not only new versions of its operating systems, like iOS and macOS. The techbedrijf also showed an iPad-app that allows the children want to learn to program: Swift Playgrounds. Unfortunately this app still does not download directly, but in the meantime, he is in the App Store. Anyone with an iPad can Swift Playgrounds download, free of charge.

With the app, you will learn Apple’s own programming language, Swift, intended to allow apps to build. It starts with ” Fundamentals of Swift, in which you can creatures through a 3D world to read via code. You type the code on the left side of your screen, and carries him right out to see what happens.

Through simple commands, you’ll learn step-by-step program and you will get a very clear sense of what the code is doing. You will learn inter alia what the functions are, and how parameters, variables, and operators work. Also detecting and resolving bugs is part of the basic knowledge that you learn. And that is the practice, of course, very useful if you really a app want to start building!

Swift Playgrounds download

After the completion of 'Fundamentals of Swift' you can continue with more advanced challenges. There are now a few in the app, but according to Apple there are a lot in the future. In addition, Swift Playgrounds templates to, for example, going to go with a Multi‑Touch interaction, accelerometer and gyroscope. The code that you have created, you can then share with friends via iMessage, email or Airdrop.

Apple has also quite a lot of attention to how you enter the code on the iPad. Typing on the iPad is not ideal and therefore, there is a special QuickType keyboard. Here you get suggestions for commands that you might need and make it easier to enter characters (such as parentheses and colons), without having to switch from keyboard.

Through a special menu, you can frequently used features with one click insert. Furthermore, you can find very easy the opening and closing of a statement, move to extra code to take or to leave.

Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds download

Swift Playgrounds download do you in the App Store on your iPad. The app is free of charge.


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