Sunday, September 25, 2016

iPad Pro 9.7″ stolen – One More Thing


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EEDEEJEE 7 hours ago #

I go here not the whole story, but my question is: WHAT SHOULD/CAN I (STILL) DO? Can anyone at all with this iPad getting started?

Problem: the iPad was in airplane mode.
What have I done: 1 – declaration to the police with the imei number.
2 – Using iCloud and my Apple ID him as lost/stolen is specified.
3 – The device was set so that after 10 wrong attempts, everything is erased.

meanwhile I have a new one ordered from Lab9. What I do best, completely re-installing or working with the back up of the stolen iPad?

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Pietje13 5 hours ago #

No one can with this iPad to work. They can, at most, the thing apart and use for parts. No one can at your data and at the moment someone the airplane mode off it would pick up (that can be with a locked screen, swipe up if you have not blocked), and just happen to be at a known by you wi-fi network in the neighborhood so that he connects to the internet is to you the location passed to and displayed on the screen that he is nicked. You can here so nothing further to do, what you have done is fine.

What you do best: it seems to me to work with a back up of the stolen iPad. Take on that you in addition to the loss of the iPad also not all your data apps and photos that I want to get rid of. If you’re afraid that that interfered with the stolen iPad: that is not so. It just keeps been registered as stolen.

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EEDEEJEE 5 hours ago #

@ Pietje 13,


(that can be with a locked screen, swipe up if you have not blocked)

Maybe I had better not be blocked, he would already be found. Only… I wouldn’t know whether it was blocked or not. Will definitely be my new phone to check how to do that and think about what would be best. Already I am planning my unit never in airplane mode, turn on (I had already found, I think, right?

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gipsman 3 hours ago #

iPhone 5S of my wife was a few months ago also stolen. Just like you I have lost/stolen signed up for iCloud. The theft is only the day after, and determined. There was still some uncertainty because the thief’s identity had for ID card, bank card, credit card plus some private instructions were in the handbag. In addition, could the thief smears on the access screen where you have the calendar and reminders could see without the need to log in with the access code. The same code was also linked to a birth date, an additional risk.
We could get the iPhone for a while (5/6 hours) via 'Find my iPhone' and called in when the university, where the theft as well as had taken place, and to the police. Someone of the modern in the Univ. could be the offender, but these facts were 'not a priority' and, in addition, the localization of Find my iPhone is not accurate enough, in other words, in e.g. a block of flats, it is impossible to find the thief.
After half a day the trail went dead in "Find my iPhone", in other words, no signal, the cause is unknown. Battery flat? iPhone taken apart? We have the telephone, as it were, see travel by five places, but we could do nothing with it.
The phone is gone and replaced, the new one has the backup of the stolen iPhone, and so far no problems.
What you may do is crucial passwords refresh, and also on Google, if you used the iPad to erase and change the password.


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