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Air iPad 2 – The iPad refined – Computer Total

Each year a new iPad, and in 2014 it is the iPad Air 2. The tablet is equipped with a fingerprint scanner and is thinner than its predecessors. And lighter Indeed, the iPad Air 2 is the thinnest tablet out there currently receive and agrees with the lightest of its kind.

The sales of tablets bags decent in this year. That’s because the market is pretty saturated, and more and more manufacturers offering tablets. Recover Needs to be a tablet Furthermore not replaced quickly and you can even still fine to work with the eerste iPad if you do not attach much importance to the latest apps and software.
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In order to entice people to still buy a new tablet, experimenting competition apace with different screen sizes, waterproof cases. laptop replacement tablet, stylus pins or even infrared sensors so you can also operate the TV with the tablet.

The innovations of the iPad, however, are much more subtle. The performance of the tablet are screwed up with a more powerful processor and increased memory. The tablet is to unlock a vingerafdruksensor we already knew from the iPhone 5s . In addition, the new iPad is thinner and lighter.

The small changes match the rate that Apple has used in recent years. No groundbreaking new innovations, but a subtle refinement of existing devices. The same applies to the operating system of the iPad, iOS 8 the user especially more intertwined in the web of Apple devices and services. So Apple knows its devices, including keeping the iPad Air 2, user-friendly for all ages.

The iPad is now available.


Knap is that the iPad so light can be even though it has a metal case. There are lighter tablets of similar size, but they often have a plastic finish. To the Air iPad 2 is thinner and lighter, there is some battery capacity cut relishes the eerste iPad Air . This is taken care of by the processor, which is not only more powerful but also more energy efficient. This your brand in practice few of the lower battery capacity, but the battery pack in just use a little less copies than the iPad Air.

But for those slightly less battery life you get back. Lot For the iPad Air 2 is extremely comfortable in the hand thanks to its low weight and thin case. For example if you like to use the tablet to watch movies along on Netflix or YouTube is very pleasant, because you hold the device comfortably. Note Just be sure you do not sit on the side with your hand in front of the speakers. Although they give remarkably powerful sound is a pity that the speakers do not sit at the front.

The Air iPad 2 is only 6.1 millimeters thick.

The image quality of the iPad has always had an edge over other tablets. The iPad Air 2 is no different. The picture is sharp, the colors are bright and the viewing angle is excellent. Apple has also added an extra layer on the screen, which reduces reflection occurs. This tablet is ideally suited for watching videos and pictures. Inside and outside

Gold iPad

The tablet comes in three different storage variants:. 16GB, 64GB and 128GB. As three colors: black, white and gold. We do recommend to at least 64GB of storage capacity to choose. 16GB starting to get a little cramped, dat appeared recently during the rollout of iOS 8. To upgrade the system you already 6,9GB of free space. This does mean that you have lost the most common iPad version for about 600 euros. That’s a hefty sum for 100 euros less, you can also Nexus Buy 9 . A powerful Android tablet with the same screen size.

Touch ID is also on the iPad a handy addition.


The Air iPad 2 is not a major upgrade compared to the iPad Air. Most innovation is in the power of the tablet. It is nice that the iPad is made thinner and lighter. This makes the iPad a simple, handy tablet thanks to its extra power is also good in heavy tasks like video editing. Yet I do not think the iPad Air 2 caused a revival of the tablet market. This is because the tablet and operating system provide disappointingly little extra innovation. A fingerprint scanner is this not enough. That does mean that the iPad remains familiar and a secure tablet choice for both beginners and advanced tablet users.

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