Tuesday, November 11, 2014

iSoyl appUniversele machine control via iPad – Boerenbusiness.nl

11-11-2014 • The British company Soyl launches a universal app, called iSoyl, which let you control tools via an iPad. For this link your tablet to the tool and Apple take over all the functions. This allows you to variable seeding, fertilising or spraying. But, there is a price tag to the system. And we’re not even talking about the iPad itself.

Soyl from England has been experimenting a lot longer on the UK market with precision farming techniques. Directing and variable dosing equipment was already possible. Before you had a ‘black box’ needs. The iPad app now replaces the box.

The app itself is free in the app store to download. To do this you need software version 7.1 or higher. The iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini are all used but a 3G version is required. To make the tool variable dosing a GPS signal is in fact needed and grabs iSoyl of the Apple device.

Once you have downloaded the free app, you still need a payment of £ 495 to do. That translates into about 618 euro. You’ll get the necessary ‘smart cables “and an adapter. In addition, a license for the program is required. That you pay annually. Despite the fact that the system according to Soyl cheaper than at their standard solution. And you can not feel this mailing, surfing and watching again.

The system is currently working with five different manufacturers and models seven different terminals. Must also, of course, your machine are suitable to variable dosing.


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