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Improve the speed of your old iPad – Computer Total

I have three years ago bought an iPad. I’m still very happy with it, but I notice that he is a little slower now. I read online all kinds of things that should accelerate my iPad, but I can still improve speed really?

When you start searching the internet for ways to make your iPad accelerate, you’ll find a wealth of tips and tricks. Unfortunately, most of it a sham, intended only to give you an idea that you improve something about speed. While you should expect absolutely no miracles – a slow iPad is not suddenly rapidly – it is indeed possible to achieve some speedups. However, it is difficult to make this speed difference can be measured. We put some tips in a row. Lees Also: The ultimate integration between iPad and PC

Refresh in the background

A tip often mentioned is closing apps in the multitasking bar. . This is nonsense. Apps are in the background ‘frozen’, that do not consume system resources. Otherwise it when apps download information in the background. You can imagine that if thirty apps constantly retrieve new information, this has no effect on the speed of your iPad. You turn it off via Settings / General / Refresh apps in background . You can choose whether you refresh completely off, or only in certain apps. We would do this last because the apps you use frequently, you still will be ready to stand on when you open them. It should still be easy to use.

Switch refresh in the background that will give your iPad more rest.


Is your iPad packed with apps, videos and music? Then it can be worthwhile to do some op to remove . This is only useful if there are fewer than 1 GB of free space on your iPad. Do you have a few GB free, it is not necessary to remove things.

Is your iPad completely full, then it is worthwhile to throw some away.

Browser Cache

A measure does not affect the overall speed of your iPad, but indeed the rate of Safari, is emptying the browser cache. Ironically cache specifically designed to make the Internet experience faster, but that applies only to the sites you visit frequently. A packed cache can surf just slow down. You do this in Settings / Safari / Clear Cookies and Data .

Throw your browser cache if you find that the internet is slower.


Thanks so fun, all those apps you notificaties send when something is to be reported, but how many apps, is necessary. Now really And while it is sucking up quite a bit of system resources. To turn off notifications in Settings / Message Center . Under the heading Includes You can specify which apps do you receive any more notifications

Notifications off is a good way to free up system resources.

Location Services and indexing

As for the life of your batterij, also applies to the speed of your iPad. Because both the location facilities Spotlight indexing off, your iPhone is less active in the background and thus slightly faster to use. Of course, the search time is longer if nothing is indexed, so that “piece of iPad ‘is slower.

Turn off Spotlight indexing and location services off.

How many saves that really?

Unfortunately you change a slow iPad does not change you, you can just walk in a speed beast before better switch to a newer model. But iPad can really be. A little faster The above tips are written from our own experiences. Our iPad Air feels really faster when we perform the above actions.


But to make this claim hard? We had our iPad Air to the brink loaded with content and rotated benchmarking tool Geekbench. After the execution of all the ‘acceleration actions “described in this article, Geekbench gives no significant differences. The iPad performs a little better, but most results are within the margin of error of such a benchmark. So proof? No, not that. But above measures provide theoretical and the feeling or for a faster tablet. And that is surely the most important.

The overall score after the ‘accelerate’ the iPad is slightly better than before but this is a minor difference

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