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iPad Mini 3: Not better, but more profitable – Nutech

The iPad Mini 3 is a strange duck in the bite. In terms of specifications, he remains exactly the same as the iPad Mini 2, but the little Apple tablet is now available with fingerprint scanner and in gold.


On a real review the device is not subjects. Last year reviewden we already extended the iPad Mini 2, which as I said a few external details after exactly the same.

The iPad Mini 2 is now for sale for 299 euros while the iPad Mini 3 is in the shop for 399 euros. Let us direct for setup that extra 100 euros, the iPad Mini 3 is not worth

Between the iPad Air and iPad Air 2 is the same price difference applied (399 versus 499 euros), while between the two tablets really. large difference. The Air iPad 2 ( review ) has a better chip, thinner housing and improved camera. And he has the Touch ID fingerprint scanner and he is in gold available.

Gold back of the iPad Mini 3 we find not very nice, but the tablet remains in other embodiments stylish. © Nederpelt

The golden back of the iPad Mini 3 we find not very nice, but the tablet remains in other embodiments stylish.

The iPad 2 and iPad Mini Mini 3 are similar. Only the fingerprint scanner and gold casing are new. © Nederpelt

The iPad 2 and iPad Mini Mini 3 are similar. Only the fingerprint scanner and gold casing are new.

In contrast to the iPhone Air 2, the Sample 3 has not lost its sound switch. © Nederpelt

Unlike the iPad Air 2, the Mini 3 has not lost its sound switch.

The extra cost of 100 euro is incomprehensible. © Nederpelt

The additional cost of 100 euros is incomprehensible.

The Air iPad 2 9.7-inch iPad Mini next three 7.9 inch. © Nederpelt

The iPad Air two 9.7-inch iPad Mini next 3 to 7.9 inches.

iPad 5C

Apparently Apple has decided to give the iPad Mini cease offering equivalent product. Were the iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 internally still exactly the same, Apple has now apparently decided that the Mini line next to the Air-line what the iPhone 5C alongside the iPhone 5S was.

There is nothing wrong with that, but the unsuspecting customer by yet to release a new iPad Mini with no changes from the victim. Apple could have the Mini better to skip a year, to next year with a smaller version of the iPad Air 2, which would then serve as a cheaper version of the iPad Air 3.


To be sure the iPad Mini 3 are checked: the screen is the same, with a fine resolution but disappointing color. Like the iPad Mini 2 is mainly the blue display of the Mini 3 is not best.

Benchmark Tests confirm that the chip in the tablet on the same level as its predecessor.

The store also the entry level is unfortunately the same although there are now more expensive versions with 64 and 128 GB available. Apple iPad Mini 3 could make something more attractive by giving the cheapest model 32GB of storage. That has not happened, so buyers should still do it with 16 GB (of which 12.5 GB usable).

Touch ID is a nice addition, which allows unlocking the tablet easier. But really a “killer feature” is now not again, especially in countries where you do not you can use fingerprint to pay Apple Pay online.

Screen Size 7.9 inch
Resolution 2048 x 1536 pixels
Chip Apple A7
Memory 1 GB
Storage 16-128 GB
Cameras 5 and 1.2 megapixel
Dimensions 200 x 134.7 x 7.5 mm
Weight 331 g
Fingerprint Scanner Yes
Price 399


Like the first iPad Air is the Mini 2 still a great tablet. The performances are a year later at the same level as many high-end Android tablets and the aluminum casing remains beautiful.

The price of 299 euros is also not wrong. People who want an 8 inch tablet, the iPad Mini 3 therefore ignore with confidence and go for the older model.

  • Beautiful
  • Good performance
  • High resolution


(Note on the star rating: The iPad Sample 2 was last year 4.5 star. In view of developments in the market, we give the iPad Mini 3, basically the same device, now four stars. The competition does not stand still, and also increasingly with beautiful, fast tablets. The price of The Mini 3 is not included in the number of stars)

By:. Crane

Picture: Nederpelt


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