Tuesday, October 20, 2015

iFixit CEO: “The iPad should be banned” – iculture

iFixit iPad-criticism
co-founder and CEO of the popular Apple repair site iFixit started a crusade against the iPad . Kenny Whose finds it ridiculous that Apple’s tablet as bad repair, thus engenders unnecessary pollution.

Whose tells his story to CultofMac , and thereby does not mince words. That’s no surprise, because he told eerder all to anyone who would listen that Apple knowingly repair services at work.

This time the iPad is the target of a sermon. According whose tablet is an immoral disposable product that you can repair yourself impossible if the battery fails. Because the iPad would not be made to last long, he would prefer that the government creates a prohibition. “An iPad is like a car that needs to be completely replaced when only the tires burst.”

21,5-inch iMac is almost impossible to repair

16-10 · A comprehensive teardown by iFixit shows that the entry level of the new 21.5-inch iMac almost impossible to repair, since many components attached to the motherboard.


This policy is not only bad news for the customer, but also for the vast amounts of electronic waste that it produces. Whose is concerned about the increasing amount of electronic waste, because more and more people a faulty smartphone or tablet just throw it away. Therefore, he hopes that consumers take the effort to repair their electronics, for example with a tutorial at iFixit .

 iFixit-iPad teardown

That to repair Apple products are so bad is a conscious choice. The iPad is the worst of all and was designed unlike laptops to be discarded rather than repaired. I and the experts I talked to are very concerned.

Law repair right
Kenny Wiens has fortunately a solution for this invented problem. He hopes that laws can be introduced which make mandatory the right to repair. These laws require manufacturers to share repair and diagnostic information so they can more easily be used by consumers and repair services.

Although it has commentary from whose some truth, the timing is unfortunate. Following the Apple TV 4 teardown the iFixit app was in fact taken by Apple in the App Store. Giving the impression (perhaps wrongly) as if Whose with his commentary gives a response to the actions of Apple.


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