Saturday, October 24, 2015

WHO has the IOS 1.9 for IPAD WALLPAPERS – One More Thing

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VxP 3 hours ago #

Who can help me with the wallpaper from iOS 9.1 and the iPad version (the big picture)
It’s about this wallpaper. (see picture). On the Internet, I can not find him, so maybe a developer removing it from the software ??
(I want to use it for mac, which is why a screenshot of the iPad does not work)

Thanks to anyone who can help me.

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Raymon [Moderator] 3 hours ago #

Even tried the ipsw file for you to pull apart, but that’s not possible. IOS 9.1 also no jailbreak, so can not access the file system to rip the files

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Waffle 3 hours ago #

If you have Xcode installed with the iOS 1.9 SDK then you can use the files anywhere conjure from this folder: ~ / Library / Application Support / iPhone Simulator /

I think they are here: ~ / Library / Application Support / iPhone Simulator / 9.1 / Library / Springboard /

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VxP 2 hours ago #

@ Ramon and @ waffle ; Thanks for figuring already. What @ waffle writes is going too far, SDKs, etc.

I do hope someone wallpaper can still conjure something out.


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