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install and use iCloud Drive app on iPhone and iPad – iculture

iCloud Drive iCloud Drive already been introduced in iOS eight, but there was no separate app to your files on iPhone and manage iPad. Since iOS nine has changed. You can use it to manage files stored on iCloud Drive: browse through folders and files, copy and move. This tip explains how to install the app and iCloud Drive used. This is probably the only way of file which Apple will allow officially on iOS. Until now, Apple believes that you can not just allowed to have access on an iPhone or iPad files.

Installing iCloud Drive app

To use iCloud Drive app, you will need to install it first. If you take a new iPhone or iPad to use, all you immediately will see a pop-up, with the offer to install the app. Do you want to later install the app, you can do the following steps.

Installing iCloud Drive app.

So you can install the app manually iCloud Drive:

  1. Go to Settings in iOS 9 or later.
  2. tap iCloud .
  3. tap iCloud Drive .
  4. Clear the On the Home screen .

 iCloud Drive, install separate app.

iCloud Drive app is now visible. It gives an overview of all documents and files stored on iCloud Drive. You also see the files you have saved in the Finder on the Mac.

Folders in the iCloud Drive app.

iCloud Drive app: move and delete

You can use the iCloud Drive app folders and move files. Also you can delete them from iCloud Drive. It works as follows:.

  1. Navigate to the folder that you want to move the files
  2. Tap the link Select , right of the screen .
  3. Tap the file or folder and choose Move at the bottom. You want to throw away files or folders, you naturally tap remove .

iCloud Drive app on the iPad.

As you can see, you have many fewer options than in the Finder Mac. When iOS nine wild apple still allow a certain way to manage in an easy way files and folders via iCloud.

Waar iCloud is the Drive app in iOS eight?

22-9-2014 · iCloud Drive offers a cloudmap which you can access from any device, but why is there no central iCloud Drive app for iOS?



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