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With the advent of the iPad Pro is reading digital comics even more fun. There are also a lot appjes who you can go wild with reading comics and comics, even when you do this on an older iPad or iPhone.

Especially Reading comics is a delight. This was the color actually more fun than reading on paper. Benefits enough: it takes no space in your home, you can read the latest comics right after release and it looks through the beautiful color of de iPad much nicer than on the pale paper where many comics are now printed on. Moreover, now you can actually read comics in their original format, without having to also scroll on the page. Even on a normal sized iPad is reading comics otherwise very enjoyable.

European comics is incidentally something less. These strips are printed in a larger format, so you always have to resize or scroll to read a page. Moreover, Dutch strips to be getting more difficult. There are a few initiatives that you can get these comics, but that’s all still very expensive, with a relatively meager offering. Whether you should dive in the news, where there are still plenty of hard scanners every day new comics from the library seem to get to scan. Anyway, all that we adopt here at Macworld obviously not good.


Marvel is the big publishers in the field of comics a bit predecessor. For years they have been engaged in offering of comics, which has been given a huge boost with the launch of their spotify-like Marvel app. You pay a fixed monthly fee where you can purchase the full offer. Here you have really a huge range. Tens of thousands of comics by Marvel scanned and are still scanned, allowing you not only can read new comics and classic stories. The app is very clear, and full of useful features. So you can quickly get the strips of a particular hero in a row, read some classic storyline or see what new comics there are online. Note that the latest comics that rise here are six months old, not too much in the way of running the newsstand sales of digital comics and printed copies

 mw comics 1.jpg Unlimited read comics Marvel Unlimited.

The app works very smoothly, and has little delay when you open a new comic. You also have the option to buy a comic permanent, but hey, if you uitbent much better than when you have a subscription to this app is the question. Marvel run with this app anyway miles ahead of their big competitor DC, which only offer the ability to buy single issues and trade paperbacks. A subscription can currently only be paid by credit card, although prepaid credit cards V3 also work.

Download Marvel in the App Store.


This app was actually the first major comics app, and it is still a bit seen as iTunes comics field. Here awaits a huge number of American comics on you. There is actually no mention publishing comics are not offered here. DC. Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, Tree, Valiant and more concerns are here for their latest comics on the same day as they are sold in stores. Unfortunately, for the same price. If you pay for a new comic soon three or four euros, which is a decent amount for a digital database of all things considered 22 pages and a cover. ComiXology turn has quite a large number of sell-moments, where you for example, at one time a whole series or a particular story can buy them.

 mw comics 2.jpg ComiXology is the iTunes for comics.

You can see that this app has been developed for years. Everything looks slick and it works perfectly. ComiXology uses Guided Reading technology that lets you read the comics actually panel for panel. It works fine, but you should keep there from.

Download ComiXology in the App Store.


Scribd was originally an app that allows you unlimited ebooks for a monthly fee could read, but there are also comics added. The offer is decent. There are strips of Marvel, Boom Comics, Valiant, Dynamite, IDW, and a large handful of other publishers. Some publishers immediately put their latest comics on Scribd, others stick with older hits. Marvel example, has quite a range on Scribd, but you will not find too late in comics. Not such a problem because you’re busy for a while before you read any comics on Scribd.

 mw comics 3.jpg Scribd will battle with Marvel Unlimited.

Downside to Scribd is that the reader actually works a little stiff. Scrolling is not as smooth as in other apps. Furthermore, this is a nice app, for if you do not have to budget to buy new comics every month, but still want to read something more than just marvel.

Scribd Download from the App Store.


ComicZeal and away the finest app for readers of comics and comics, taking just want to use their own .cbr files or PDFs. Again, this is an app that already lasts a few years, and which seems to be better with each new release. Fine to ComicZeal is the clear nature of the app. You put strips easily together in lung digital boxes and transferring the files to your appje goes smoothly.

 mw comics 4.jpg The best reader .cbr files.

Reading comics or comics comes with this app also very fine. You browse quickly through the pages, you can easily magnify pages and quickly choose another strip to read.

Download ComicZeal in the App Store.


Well, in the area of ​​Dutch comics there is really no much to enjoy in the App Store. The only significant initiative is actually YieHa! This is an app from two of the largest publishers in the Benelux countries, namely Standard and Ballon Media. By default, you probably know of Bob and Bobette, Ballon is a partnership of publishers include The Bluecoats, Michel Vaillant and Blake and Mortimer release. It’s an app that works differently than the other apps in this article. You can buy namely comic books, but also to rent. You can then read some comic ten days, after which he again will be removed from your app. This rent is only possible in older strips. It’s a nice option, but if you do a euro 3 or 4 have to pay to rent a comic, then you might as well walk to the library.

 mw comics 5.jpg Dutch and Belgian comic strip fans have to make do with Yieha

New. strips cost 7 euro soon, which is a considerable amount in our eyes if you can get a beautiful printed copy for almost the same money. In Europe, the strips are printed once nicer materials than in America. Yet
Yieha is a good alternative and a great first step towards an iTunes for Dutch comics.


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