Thursday, October 22, 2015

Use your iPad’s data connection with your iPhone – Macworld

If you have an iPad model only supports Wi-Fi, it is still possible to connect to your iPad’s mobile data plan from your iPhone usage. Here we explain how this works.

There are now found almost everywhere wifi hotspots, but if you’re just in a place where you no WiFi connection can get, is convenient to use in an emergency (or for fun) data anyway. Lees also: five things that indicate that your data limit is too low

It is therefore possible to use your iPad (or other bluetooth or wifi device) use. of the dataverbinding your iPhone if you have them with you. This process is called “tethering”. But beware! The data that you use on another device via tethering, just count for the data limit of your iPhone. You can tether up to 10 devices.

_ iphone6 ​​01-ios8- settings-cellular-personal_hotspot.png

A connection via tethering can be almost as fast as the real data connection. To your iPhone To create a hotspot, you must first turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone and wifi. This should also do if there is no Wi-Fi network is available. Go to Settings & gt; Personal Hotspot and fill in Wi-Fi access a self-selected password. Then switch Personal Hotspot by moving the slider next to this option on the green.

Lie on your iPad to Settings & gt ; Wi-Fi and look for your iPhone. Please connect to it through the password that you have just chosen to enter. On your iPhone you will then see a beam with an overview of the connection (s).

As I said above, counts the data you consume through tethering just along for the data limit of your iPhone. So keep an eye on how much data you use and whether there might be background processes running on your device that consume unnoticed data.

In addition, tethering will consume extra energy, so the battery of your iPhone deflates quickly. Therefore it is a good idea for the Personal Hotspot off again once you’re done tether. To do this, you need your iPhone to Settings & gt; Personal Hotspot and the slide in Personal Hotspot again to turn gray.

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