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SwiftKey keyboard ios-eight keyboards You’re no longer stuck with the standard keyboard on the iPhone and iPad. Developers can create their own since iOS eight alternative keyboard, which you can use in all kinds of apps. This has resulted in all kinds of creative ideas with keyboards that focus on productivity or just funny additions like emoji. We put the best and most striking keyboards for iOS nine in a row.

Keyboard app for iPhone and iPad install

installation of keyboards iOS 9 (8 and iOS) on the iPhone and iPad is simple. Once you’ve found an application with an alternative keyboard, you go through the following steps:

  1. Install the app from the App Store
  2. Open the Settings app
  3. Go to General and then Keyboard
  4. Press Keyboards
  5. Press Add keyboard to …
  6. Press the key whose name matches the app name. You will now return to the overview of Keyboards.
  7. You can see the new keyboard stand between your keyboards. You can use it through the globe at your standard iOS keyboard long hold

More explanations can be found in the following article:.

Alternatieve keyboards set on iPhone and iPad

Installing a keyboard in iOS iOS 8 and 9? That is a piece of cake with this plan. Do you want to remove keyboards again? No problem


Keyboard apps and privacy. Whether do not give full access?

Apple asks makers of keyboards to store any information locally so only on your iPhone or iPad. Thus, countered that apps record and store your keystrokes. If an application wants to connect to a server, you get a pop-up where you have to give permission. Apple therein warns typing credit card or address information

There is a source of information where the keyboard apps if the property is not to be:. Passwords. Once you’re in a password field, Apple turns the keyboard off and put his own take its place. As passwords can not be intercepted by other parties

Alternatieve keyboards iOS 8: Be careful with full access

7-10-2014 · We give five questions and answers about the privacy of iOS eight keyboards. What do keyboards with your personal information


iculture advises: SwiftKey

The SwiftKey keyboard quickly grew into one of the most popular alternative keyboards on the App Store. The keyboard on which you can write words with sweeping movements, is really rapidly. You wipe over the letters and the app feels effortlessly to whatever word you want to write. If not, choose an alternative word from the bar above the keyboard. The suggestions from the dictionary are so good that you also fine ‘normal’ can typing with this keyboard. SwiftKey looks nice, can multiple languages ​​together and makes writing easier than ever with one finger on the iPhone and iPad. Read our review of SwiftKey

Alternate keyboard apps for iOS,. our recommendations

This alternative keyboards for iOS 9 may not be as good as SwiftKey, but worth considering:

Adaptxt Keyboard: multilingual users

Adaptxt review iPhone keyboard Dutch Adaptxt is a swipe keyboard when your next two Dutch can install other languages. You switch between the languages ​​with a smudge on the spacebar. The Dutch dictionary is excellent and feels good to the word you want to write, even if you have not even touched a letter of the next word. Except sweep letters for words, is ‘common’ types also fine. Unfortunately Adaptxt is not free of crashes. And you can questioning privacy. Read our review of Adaptxt

Path Input:. quick swipe

Path Input review Dutch swipe keyboard iOS 8 Path Input was one of the first Dutch swipe keyboards, with separate versions for the iPhone and iPad. In the application, you can make excellent Dutch words by swiping letters. Path Input often picks up immediately the right word. If not, then the correct word or between one of the suggestions. The application does not require access to the internet and that means you keystrokes safely on your own phone. This swipe control in the beginning takes some practice, but the speed at which you’re typing increase considerably. Read our review Path Input

reboard:. handy shortcuts

reboard-icon reboard distinguishes itself from other keyboards because it’s a taskbar with convenient shortcuts to adding popular services. This allows you an easy way to look up a YouTube video and send it without first opening the YouTube app. Everything you rule namely from the keyboard. Reboard includes a handy tutorial and supports not only apps like Apple also said Youtube, Slack and other useful apps. However, the Comm Cart button takes some practice and there are some other flaws to reboard. In our review of reboard we discuss them in detail. Read our review of reboard

Fleksy:. create keyboards

Fleksy embraces sweeping movements, but not for writing text. In Fleksy serves a swipe to the right to drop the next word that suggests the iPhone. Two sweep is drop a punctuation mark, with a flick below or above you correct the last word or character. With a swipe to the left gives you the last word. The application also has a comprehensive auto correction and also if you type a word completely wrong, the dictionary key, you could fix errors. So you can pretty fast typing. You can also the appearance of the full keyboard design to your own taste in the extensive theme editor in the app. Read our review Fleksy

AssistiveWare Keyboards:. for disabled people

AssistiveWare is a specialist in the field of software for small deviations, and focuses on a keyboard for the visually impaired and a keyboard for people with less fine motor skills. Keedogo is meant for people who just start typing while Keeble is fully focused on accessibility. Keedogo is only available for the iPad, while Keeble well on the iPhone as downloadable iPad.

More alternative keyboard apps

There are already available untold keyboards in the App Store, and will more relax. We make a selection of the most appealing iOS keyboards you into the whole system and in any app to use

Swype:. Swipe letters

Swype (€ 0.99 + IAP , iPhone / iPad, iOS 9.0+) – Swype is very similar to SwiftKey. In this key you can swipe words to write them. The keyboard supports input through written text and swipe gestures, but you can also dictate text. The greatest achievement of Swype is that you can activate two languages ​​simultaneously. Also, Dutch has been added to the list of languages ​​that supports Swype.

Custom Keyboard

Custom Keyboard (free + IAP , iPhone / iPad, iOS 8.0+) – Do not change only the color of your keyboard, but much more . Custom Keyboard leukt the appearance of your keyboard with 25 colors, 15 color transitions and 15 patterns for the background. You can use your own photos as a background, change the shape of the buttons and use more than 15 font for the buttons. 15 different sound effects complete the customization.

Keyboard Theme: wildly popular

RainbowKey Keyboard – Keyboard with colors and themes, pretty fonts and funny emoji (free + IAP , iPhone / iPad, iOS 8.1+) – This app with more than 50 themes for your keyboard is extremely popular. Keyboard Theme let other than colors and backgrounds also choose from over 30 different click sounds and textures for your buttons.

KuaiBord: text passages on hand

KuaiBoard – Type text. Quicker (free + IAP , iPhone / iPad, iOS 8.0+) -. The promise of KuaiBord is strong. The application looks a bit like TextExpander and hides all sorts of texts that you often want to have at hand. But you have to preset in TextExpander, as you can in KuaiBoard extensively browse through all standard texts you ready to put yourself. With the globe left you go back to the keyboard.

Minuum: tiny keyboard

Minuum (€ 3.99 + IAP , iPhone, iOS 8.2+) – Minuum has a keyboard with traditional design, but also a minimal state after the keyboard in QWERTY format, single line screen takes up space. In it, you can quickly move from letter to letter to write words. A long press of a letter is enough for a number or punctuation mark. At present Dutch still not supported and there are here and there are complaints about the reliability of the English dictionary, but you can surprisingly fast typing with this little keyboard.

MyScript Stack: handwriting input

MyScript Stack – Handwriting Keyboard (free, iPhone / iPad, iOS 8.0+) – Give your letter to the preference itself by hand instead of typing? Then MyScript Hack a nice app. Which replaces your keyboard by a large white sheet on which you can draw yourself. Letters and numbers are well recorded by the app and it is not so special: MyScript had already a rekenapp where you could draw to enter formulas.

PopKey: animated POISON on hand

PopKey + POISON keyboard (free, iPhone / iPad, iOS 8.0+) – PopKey shows where iOS keyboards are capable of even more: gimmicks. PopKey is basically just a conservatively styled keyboard, just tap the globe at the bottom left and a whole new world opens up to you. A world of animated POISON’s that is. You see the popular animated graphics, the recently added and your own favorites. Which you can then copy and paste into the text field. Not every app supports animated POISON, but Apple’s own iMessage example though. Also check out our comprehensive article about PopKey .

Roxie: emoji suggestions

Roxie Visual Keyboard (free, iPhone, iOS 8.0+) – Roxie has again found a different structure than all competitors above. The application keeps the keyboard nice and simple, but adds a special spell checker to it. The app suggests namely different emoji with words you write. Love is simply replaced with a heart, for example. The app does not yet work well with Dutch text, but the app learns from its users, so it is possible that you soon after a Dutch Love you will also get a heart as a suggestion.

TextExpander: whole sections drop text

TextExpander 3 + custom keyboard (€ 4.99, iPhone / iPad, iOS 8.0+) – TextExpander on the desktop for many years a useful app and it has become on the iPhone. With TextExpander programming all sorts of abbreviations that whole words, phrases or even entire paragraphs to drop text for you. With a button at the bottom you approach abbreviations quickly. Useful for handling e-mails, dozens of chat sessions simultaneously or perhaps (?) Passwords. Note: TextExpander was equally for iOS, but this is a new app.

Them Board: keyboard marketplace

Them Board (free + IAP , iPhone / iPad, iOS 8.0+) – Them Board of Taphive is not just an app with keyboards that look different. The application wants to establish itself as a market for keyboards on iOS. Taphive therefore calls on developers to develop their own keyboards and sell them in this app. Board gives them on the website a preview with a rainbow colored keyboard and a starry sky.

TouchPal X: Letters sweep up

TouchPal Keyboard (free, iPhone / iPad, iOS 8.0+) – TouchPal supports in line with sweeping keyboards. Swipe over the letters and your words fly the text box. On Android, when the keyboard already has a quarter of a million satisfied users, is popular because you can type easily emoji it. Also on the iPhone it can: by sweeping a letter down, you can see the icon and type figure who immediately. A letter wipe up is good for the figure in the picture.

CooolKey: to look

CooolKey (€ 2.99, iPhone / iPad, iOS 8.0+) – Cooolkey focuses entirely on the appearance of your keyboard. The app lets you choose between different color schemes and keyboard designs, such as a blackboard or a friendly black keyboard. You can also design keyboards and add animations. CooolKey currently only supports English, French, German, Greek, Icelandic, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Arabic. Dutch is not there.

At the opening photo: SwiftKey


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