Thursday, November 26, 2015

iPad for Beginners 2016 – iOS 9th edition – iCreate Magazine

Whether you have an iPad mini, iPad Air or iPad Pro: all these iPads running the operating system iOS 9. iOS 9 is packed with all kinds of gifts novelties, but one thing is Apple forgot a good manual. Therefore iCreate has iPad for beginners written in 2016, a special edition with numerous practical tips and workshops. Useful for beginners, but secretly also advanced. So you get to know your iPad really good.

iPad for Beginners 2016 - iOS ninth edition Setting your iPad

We help you to set up your iPad as optimally as possible, so that you later Successfully to get started with your tablet. You learn all about your Apple ID, synchronizing all types of media with iTunes, working in iCloud and securing your iPad.

Get started with the best apps

iPad coming fresh out of the package, it comes with lots of useful features and default apps. How do these programs, we will explain our practical workshops. Then you will soon know all about, for example Mail, Safari, and Siri. Do you understand the basics, then steam right through to the more advanced features of the iPad. As the iCloud photo library, video streaming via AirPlay, and read with iBooks. Finally, Apple will give you some apps gift: it is these programs that the iPad make an excellent replacement for your desktop computer. About these apps tell we love you more.

The iPad for Beginners in 2016 is now on sale in the shop and in our webshop

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