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Pro iPad Review – Heavy tablet, but wonderful device –

Bigger is better. That must have thought Apple when the company recently launched the iPad Pro. It is the biggest tablet ever. Our verdict read in this review iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro is a bin of beast, a monster. But it may also if you need to reach pretty deep into their pockets. Because you’re not ready earlier than 919 euro and that is a considerable amount. You pay for advanced technology, because the iPad Pro is a pretty cool eh .. PC tablet with famous features as you might expect. Think about Siri support and using a finger scan to log in.

The tablet has a 12.9 inch screen and a resolution of 2732 x 2048. Which application you use, everything looks in great detail and that is very pleasing to the eyes. And if for example you play a movie via Netflix you can not help but realize that you will be completely blown away by the quality. And let’s be honest: a larger screen to watch a movie or look back at the one television program is much finer than in a smaller size as the iPad Air 2 (or the rest of the previously released models)

Delicious watching movies with the built-in speakers

What is also of very high added value, the four built-in speakers. Especially if you are a movie setup, you notice that the sound quality is better than previous iPads. You can safely say that if you’re somewhere iPad and want to create your own little small cinema, you can. Less important, but indeed it is convenient that the sound is adapted to the way you tilt the iPad and thus have in hand.

However, most will not get an iPad (let alone this Pro) at home to create a movie somewhere. Maybe you’re a video creator himself! Professional or not, almost everyone nowadays movies to make and therefore the assembly. Apple goes well with the times, because if something is hot under video creators, then it is called 4K. For example if you have an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S possession, you can shoot images in 4K and mount on the iPad Pro. Again, handy when you’re on the go. In addition, the Pro does everything except slow, due to an improved chip and a faster processor compared with the iPad Air 2.

pro ipad review

The iPad Pro is for everyone

An important question is whether the iPad pro can and should be considered as a laptop replacement. Yes and no. Maybe that Apple is a resounding ‘yes’ ambition, but let’s be honest: if you’re working simultaneously in many programs, and to work quickly, then that as always are always better on a laptop or desktop (with the mouse) than an iPad Pro. It’s good to see that the options are more sophisticated, but be aware that the Pro is certainly not a replacement device.

You do not go the whole day working on an iPad Pro. That seems almost unlikely. Though it is true that there is a keyboard for the Netherlands is in the works (which unfortunately we have not been able to test)

The second important question is to whom the Pro is actually exactly meant. Many people think it’s just for businessmen. That is a wrong notion. Make no mistake: the iPad Pro is actually for everyone: for you, for me, for your mother, your neighbor. This sounds silly, but that is certainly not meant to be.

Thanks to the fine options and many (small) improvement is simply a fine device for various people. Whether you just want to surf, a game wants to play, wants to check an app, the iPad Pro is your best friend. But if we are critical, we recommend’m not really that kind of users. Gaming is not, for example up to its promise. A game like Geometry Wars looks ridiculously good further out also sounds great with all those built-in speakers, but the Pro is much too bulky in the hand to play games really nice. The previous smaller models are more appropriate. Although there is the possibility of a controller to buy.

People who really value the Pro can take include engineers, doctors and artists. Ingenious have many design and drawing. The iPad Pro is very suitable. Thanks to a pencil (not included), this group can draw to your heart’s in AutoCad and with much precision.

pro ipad review

Twisted handy pen

That pen should not be underestimated, because the possibilities are endless. A thick stripe, a thin line and everything in between: the thing registers everything. And everything seems to run smoothly. A modern paintbrush in hand and so it is a fine piece of engineering for cartoonists and other artists.

Furthermore, the iPad Pro can be very useful in science. An example which yours truly got the hots for example is that a doctor talking to a patient can show via the iPad Pro drawings of the human body and then gives more information. The Pro is graphic such a monster, that enough can zoom in on details. How many people do not come to call, and then think that a doctor talking abracadbra? Such a Pro would partly because of its size can help.

In addition, you can on the iPad Pro multitasking (for example, though it was also previously on the iPad Air 2). While you have left a page open, you can just as quickly swipe your notes and get it. You can quickly switch between your thoughts and what you’re watching. Or suppose for example, that you quickly through swipe to open your email. You choose your preference!

pro ipad review

Nice but expensive

We’re definitely enthusiastic about the iPad Pro, because this is simply the best tablet that Apple has delivered. Only the device is not recommended for everyone. You should be aware that the device is expensive (the most expensive variant is about 1200 euros!) And heavy in the hand. He is relatively light and lighter than a laptop. But if you are a person who often just want to surf and take an iPad at hand, then the Pro is not suitable. Then we recommend the iPad Air 2. The Pro puts you more down on a table.

Think of it not as a laptop replacement in the office, especially if you do a lot of video editing. Indeed you want to have around for example the Pro settings go. This also applies to other audiences: it is a very nice tablet which is very desirable in many applications because it provides easiness. It’s a monster of a device that works very well, but ask yourself what you ‘m going to use. And then do you know if you really have to open up your wallet. Our advice is: not for everyone, but for many. Though it remains duur!


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