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Pro iPad Review – IGN Benelux

The first iPad already published five years ago and since then has changed a lot. Where we were then in a phase where every device had to be getting smaller and smaller, it now seems just the opposite. Take for example the iPhone 6 (s) Plus. Similarly, it is now also the iPad considerably grown larger. We are dealing here also with a 12.9-inch tablet.

The first reaction of people is often a shock reaction, because it is quite a device. Especially when you compare it with its predecessors and competitors. Despite its size, the tablet is far from heavy and it is nice in the hand. This makes the iPad Pro is easy to hold with one hand without giving you the feeling that the tablet is too big. However, if you want to play a game that only has a vertical mode, you can better lay the iPad Pro to prevent lame arms. In terms of ease of use is exactly what you expect of the iPad / iPhone, because here using iOS nine.

Despite the Pro in its name, the tablet is not necessarily meant for business. The larger screen also has its advantages in terms of the various entertainment features that we have come to expect from a tablet. As the iPad Pro is very nice to look at film or gaming (long live the stronger chip). There are four speakers incorporated in the tablet that adapt to how you hold and can damn hard to go in terms of volume.

Also read comics on the larger size is great. Previously I had a smaller size Nexus tablet where I every two pages wide plates had to turn the tablet or to zoom in to read the text. This is evident with the iPad Pro is not the case and there is no hurry other than that I am reading a comic on paper.

iPad Pro Review

Wanneer we then look at the Pro aspect, in addition to the larger screen also inside of importance. The internal chip processing, applications such as video and photos a possibility. During a presentation of other options were also shown at the Apple office, making the tablet even for architects (detailed wireframes for example, a football stadium could in the smallest details are viewed), and may be suitable for example for doctors.

For my own writings, it also has its advantages. At each site the desktop version will be displayed instead of a pent mobile display and the multi-tasking feature can be easily next to a word processing app open. With the iPad Pro format can both apps use a window size that is almost equal to the entire screen of the previous iPad. However, it is a shame that you’re not the same two apps at the same time can have open, so you do not have the opportunity to work for example in two documents at once.

Also, not all apps support multi-task- possibility of the larger screen, so that there Facebook stretched in the portrait mode and looks Spotify at the time of writing with no possibility can be opened. Where I became very cheerful, is the battery life of the screen. If you are not the brightness of the screen you stand up, you can make as an entire workday using -. Even connected with a Bluetooth keyboard

Voor my work I write a lot and the on-board touch screen keyboard works just fine. But when you go tapping larger pieces of text, a keyboard is not a luxury. Now any Bluetooth keypad of course you can hang it, but Apple has also introduced a keyboard on the market which easily can be connected using the smart connector on the side.

This Smart Keyboard you have to lay about 180 euros, so look for a cheaper alternative would be a logical option for many. What this keyboard does offer is a screen protection. In addition, it is made out of one piece of material, so that there are no loose keys which dirt and moisture may come under. The tapping it does take some getting used to by the lack of feedback from protruding buttons. Once you’re busy, but you did not do this through

The latest accessory from Apple -. Apple Pencil – so I just want to be treated separately. When you hold a pencil really goes sideways and scratches, a completely different line than if you keep it upright and go with the tip of the paper. This is able to mimic the Apple Pencil through the connectors in point. The iPad Pro comes with a standard app in which you can draw for example notes, but the Pro in the name is only really used when you use an app like procreate. Here you will get a large amount of tools you can go crazy

The examples exist, are made with the app and are simply impressive. Pencil itself will last 12 hours, but if it is empty and you have that little bit of power you need, you can use the Pencil for fourteen seconds on the iPad Pro suspended by the standard charging port, after which you can draw a half hour.

The verdict

Basically, the iPad Pro a big iPad ready. But when you go to see what is now possible with this format at work or entertainment area will only see it’s more than that. Personally I use the iPad Pro at this time even to replace my dying laptop and it works more than fine. Although the accessories are on the pricey side, can also easily cheaper alternatives from third parties for purchase.


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