Friday, November 27, 2015

With Swingy iPad you control games with your feet – iculture

Swingy is a fun new way to play games. With your feet you can control a game on the iPad. The game controller consists of two wooden balance boards where you stand on your feet. By tilting forward and backward control the game. In the wooden pedals are incorporated sensors that are wirelessly connected to the iPhone or iPad.

Swingy with children

Update : This project has not raised enough money .

Swingy you immediately get some exercise. The product is made of wood and is designed for children from 4 years. The first game to have coined the makers Swing Pong. In addition, you control with your feet the two bars in the game. Try the ball as long as possible to keep the game from the bar on time at the right place to turn. You have 5 lives.

Swingy balance board

Swingy invites children to be active and to their balance and coordination to work. They train there once the muscles needed it to have good posture. To their fifteenth children develop their system to remain in balance, argue the authors, which by the way have worked with doctors, teachers and physiologists to make you fall in Swingy no bump. With a good balance children perform better in sports, such as cycling, skiing, climbing, ice skating and rollerblading.

Swingy to Order through Kickstarter in several variants. For $ 55 you have the two wooden pedals without the sensors. For $ 88 you have a working version with sensors so you can play games. Later, these wooden pedals will cost $ 140.


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