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These are the seven best iPad accessories Pro – iPhoned.nl

The iPad Pro is just on the market, but there are already some accessories for sale. These are in our opinion the best of the moment.

The 12.9-inch Apple iPad is now available in the Netherlands. However, with only a iPad Pro you probably do not have the whole experience has to offer the device. Since the unit focuses on creative and business users, you may have a keyboard, case or stylus needed. We explain below, seven of the best iPad accessories Pro Currently out.


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1. Smart Keyboard

This is the official keyboard for the iPad Pro Apple. This allows you to put away the iPad as a laptop and you can start work immediately. On the back cover offers support. Have you finished working, you can use it to cover the screen. Fine is that the Smart Keyboard with 4mm is extremely thin. Thanks to Apple’s Smart Connector technology, you can click on the keyboard as the iPad, with which he comes with power. There is no wire or Bluetooth to pass.

The downside is that the Smart Keyboard is not yet available in the Netherlands. In America, it costs $ 170.

ipad pro availability

2. Logitech Keyboard CREATE

A good alternative to Apple’s Smart Keyboard is the Logi Create Logitech. This keyboard cover is already available in Dutch Apple Stores, with a delivery time of 2 to 3 weeks. It costs 150 euros. With the Smart Keyboard as he works through the Smart Connector of the iPad Pro, so you do not have to worry about batteries. The keyboard is backlit, so you can work in the dark. The Logitech Create is now available for pre-order at Cool Blue .

logitech pro ipad

3. Zagg SlimBook

Zagg made earlier cases and keyboards for iPads and so does the business again with the Smart Book for iPad Pro. Also this keyboard has a backlight. The components, keyboard and fitted, can be collected separately from each other for the user’s convenience. Unlike solutions from Apple and Logitech works SlimBook However, with batteries and Bluetooth, though the maker promises that you have two years on a charge can do. He comes out in December for $ 140.

A cheaper solution is the Messenger of Zagg Universal, without illuminated keypad, for $ 70.

ipad pro ZAGG

4. Apple Pencil

For those who love to create digital art or want to scribble in a different way, Apple Apple Pencil has been created. The company insists that it has no stylus, but a replacement for the pencil. On the iPad Pro reacts quickly in any case, not just what you tegent, also how to keep the tip on the screen. Push you hard, then you’ll get a thicker line than when gently pressed. Apple Pencil costs 109 euro, but currently has a sizable delivery via Apple’s four to five weeks. At Cool Blue can be kept informed delivery times. Apple Pencil should be available soon.

ipad pro apple pencil

5. Moxiware Apple Pencil Charging Dock

An Apple Pencil occasionally need to be recharged. This is possible by stabbing him in the Lightning port at the bottom of the Pro or iPad (with a detour) via a cable. Moxiware however, has a more attractive solution: a charging dock. There are two forms (cone and cylinder) where the Pencil can be used. Available in aluminum and wood for $ 30 .

apple pencil holder

6. Paper pencil

Like the Apple Pencil but nothing, then there is an alternative: the Pencil of FiftyThree, makers of paint and drawing app Paper. This stylus looks and feels like a pencil with their wooden finish. You can use it to draw in different ways or to write, actually not unlike Apple’s Pencil. He goes for a month on a full charge and works over Bluetooth. Among others available through the Apple Store 60.

pencil paper

7. Dodo Case

Finally, also looks the Dodo Case for iPad Pro really neat, as a sort of workbook with elastic flaps pleased that binds together. You can also use it next case to put away the iPad. Slim is the rubber band on the side where users can keep in their Apple Pencil. DODOcase costs $ 80.

dodo ipad case pro

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