Thursday, November 19, 2015

Weather app gets updated WeatherPro for iPad –

WeatherPro (iPad)

WeatherPro (iPad) 2.99

The well reviewed again WeatherPro app has been updated for the iPad . The app is now fully suitable for iOS 9 with new features.

WeatherPro for iPad

WeatherPro is the weather app by MeteoGroup that allows users to view detailed weather forecasts for the next few days. These are displayed in several windows and graphs, so you get a complete overview. You can also view a rain radar and satellite images, which are animated displays.

The app for iPad has now been updated with several changes. WeatherPro so now works with Slide Over and Split View. It lets you check the weather on one side of the screen, while you also have open another app. You do not have to leave no app allows you to check the weather. Handy if you are planning a vacation and you just want to check what the weather.

WeatherPro is also now included in the Spotlight feature of iOS. That means you can view from the home screen of the iPad via the search function what the specific location is expected in the app.


Favorites established

Furthermore, the list of favorite locations is moved to the left side of the app. This menu is always in view, so users can instantly switch to different places. Always the latest weather forecast remains in the list are top of the screen, it does not matter whether you hold the iPad in landscape or portrait mode.

Moreover, the first reviews of users are not very positive. Especially the favorite list remains firmly in the picture, is a problem. So users say that space is lost on information that is more relevant.


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WeatherPro download

WeatherPro for iPad will cost 2.99 euros on the App Store. To complete the installation, minimum 8 requires iOS. Also, you must have available to 38,2MB free storage on the tablet. The app is also available for the iPhone for the same price.

 WeatherPro for iPad (AppStore link) WeatherPro for iPad
Developer: MeteoGroup Deutschland GmbH

Review 4 +

Price € 2.99

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