Saturday, November 28, 2015

iPad gives IC patient voice – Medical Facts

Patients who are admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Isala are hardly able to explain how they feel or what they are hurt. This is often caused by serious injury or by a language barrier. The recovery is very important that a patient can present. In collaboration with Friends of Isala eight iPads were purchased. The app “Voice” helps patients communicate again without requiring much energy is needed. More information:

Esther van Veen, critical care nurse at Isala says: “It is important that patients have the ability to tell what they feel, what they think about it and ask questions. It is a beautiful and simple app that gives patients a voice.


The app was developed by UMC St Radboud in Nijmegen and consists of several themes that the patient can choose from. “My body ‘is one of those topics where they can indicate whether they have pain, where it sits and through a pain score however serious pain. But the app offers more. So patients see what time it is, what day it is and they can draw and type. Esther: “Previously, people wrote on a piece of paper, which was not always legible. And since the talk again is so difficult, they get frustrated because they can not make himself understood. “

Contact ensures faster recovery

Patients not only communicate more easily and quickly with doctors and nurses, but also with their families. Esther: ‘Patients who stay long with us, have the ability to create a personal profile on the iPad where family can leave a personal message. Skype and face timing also ensures personal contact. For patients every day is pretty much the same so the interest in the outside world increases. Thanks to the tablets, they can read the newspaper or even look back a missed broadcast. Very important for the recovery. Both staff and patients are excited about the arrival of the iPad. “

Help from Friends of Isala

Esther: “Friends of Isala makes it possible to achieve through sponsorship projects. I want to express my gratitude. We get it together to make the stay more comfortable for our patients, because we are proud of.

 ipad Isala The iPad helps the IC patient to better communicate with her doctor.
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